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Formal Presentations

The Art of Communicating Effectively
Tips from all aspects of pulling off the successful presentation!

How to Create a Great First Impression
Lenny Laskowski talks about the "You Cannot, Not" make a first impression. Provides great advice to ensure you make the best first impression.

"Coming Back to Our Senses to Create More Memorable Meetings"
Bring your next meeting or presentation to the next level. Kare Anderson talks about the importance of sensory combinations to make for more memorable presentations.

"From the Stage to the Podium: Acting Techniques for Speakers"
Article provides 10 practical secrets from the craft of acting that can help you give an Academy Award-winning presentation every time. Many successful speakers use acting techniques to upgrade their platform skills.

"Speak English Like It Tastes Good"
One of the many bright sides of our world now is that the most vivid messages move with lightning speed to the most places, phones, and screens around the world.

10 Little-Known, Rarely Discussed, Highly Effective Presentation Techniques
Marjorie Brody offers ten simple ways to improve your performance with presentation techniques. Knowing your audience and channeling nervous energy into enthusiasm are highlights.

21 Tips For Spellbinding Speeches
Eileen Kugler offers 21 useful tips for creating a speech that will keep them hanging on your every word.

Coaching Platform Skills: Helping Presenters Step Up to the Plate & Hit a Home Run
Most professional athletes and actors receive coaching. Why should it be any different for speakers? Knowing a subject is only the beginning. A coach can help a presenter organize and develop the presentation as well improve overall delivery technique.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 6"
This is Bill Wilson's sixth in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. Bill offers thirteen techniques to use that can liven up and illustrate points of a presentation.

Present Like a Pro … And Win More Sales
Your ability to speak well is one of the most powerful keys to business and personal success. Research reveals that those with the highest incomes have superior presentation and persuasion skills.

How to Handle Difficult Audiences
Diane DiResta explains how to overcome and handle a difficult audience by using a method called "3D Strategy” – depersonalize, detach, and defuse. She outlines the different audience personalities and offers clever advice as to handling each one.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 7"
This is the last in a seven-part series of articles on presentation skills designed for persons who don't make or supplement their living from professional speaking.

Introduction-Successful Oral Presentations For Government Contracts
In recent years, the Federal Government has placed increasing emphasis on the "oral presentation" in warding contracts.

Ten Fatal Flaws Frequently Found From The Podium
Article addresses some of the most common mistakes made at the podium and solutions to avoid future instances.

Stage Fright: Don't Let It Kill Your Presentation
Whether it is your first presentation, or number 100, almost everyone suffers from some level of stage fright or performance anxiety.

Conquer The Fear Of Speaking And Watch Your Confidence And Sales Grow
One of the best marketing tools available today is that of speaking to a variety of clubs and organizations. It doesn't cost a cent and it gives you a platform to market your products and services.

Quick Tip: Overcoming the F.E.A.R. of Speaking
Bill Wilson addresses the F.E.A.R. of speaking to an audience. He offers four things that you can do to control your nervousness when giving a speech.

They Won't Throw Tomatoes...but it will probably hurt just as much
Marjorie Brody discusses a dynamic speech can be ruined be a poor performance during the closing minutes of a presentation. A successful question and answer session can help to end your presentation on an upbeat note.

Tips To Book A Speaker
Andrea H. Gold provides an in depth look at the advantages of hiring a profession speaker or celebrity. Topics range from fees to choosing the right speaker for the subject of the conference or meeting.

How to Deal With a Hostile Audience
Lenny Laskowski's article addresses dealing with a hostile audience. He provides ten (10) easy steps that create an aura of confidence in your presentation.

Don't Let The Power Robbers Sabotage Your Speech
Marjorie Brody brings understanding to which words offend others with our language. She offers corrections to reduce the effects of bad speaking habits in our speech.

Impromptu or Extemporaneous Speaking
There may be a time when you are asked to get up and say a few words about someone or a topic that is not planned. Lenny Laskowski offers a few tips that can help the next time you are called on to speak.

How to Be a Sensational Speaker Every Time
Candy Tymson provides 6 presentation tips to be sensational speaker, every time. Building a good rapport with your audience and keeping their interest is the key.

Quick Tip: Preparation Time
Bill Wilson's article discusses preparation time for developing a new presentation. He suggests spending 1 hour of preparation time for each minute of presentation time.

A Timely Tip
Marjorie Brody offers advice on using gestures during a presentation.

How to Use Transitions Effectively
Using transitions effectively can lead your listener from one idea to another. Lenny Laskowski shows examples of transitions that work well and three common mistakes made when using transitions.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Speakers: Use Them And Set Yourself Apart
Marjorie Brody takes the fear out of giving a presentation whether standing in front of a large group or just sitting with colleagues. She has developed seven habits for successful speaking to ensure confidence and security as a presenter.

7 Aspects Of A Dynamic Presentation
There are 7 aspects people must deal with when preparing and delivering presentations. An effective speaker learns to deal with all 7 aspects at the same time.

Speaking - From FREE to FEE
Lenny Laskowski discuses speak everywhere, even if for free because the more people know about you the more people there are who can tell others. The key is to learning how to "leverage” FREE speaking engagements into PAID speaking engagements.

Time-Proven Methods To Balance The Marketing Mix
Marjorie Brody's 10 methods for an effective marketing mix provide a combination of methods that may enhance visibility, thus expand your business. She has used time-proven methods that can put you on your way to success.

Quick Tip: Choosing a Title for Your Presentation
Make sure to have a title for your presentation that captures what you are trying to convey. This will help you to increase interest in the prospective audience.

Tips To Help You Be a Better Speaker
Here are a few tips from the methods I use with coaching clients and in my workshops, and which we also include in our resource kits. As with any new skill, you can only learn them by doing them.

11 Tips for Using Flip Charts More Effectively
The best visuals have been and still are the simplest. Even though flip charts are low tech, they are reliable and don't require any special skill to use them.

Quick Tip: Repetition = Retention
Bill Wilson discuses that if you want your audience to retain important points of your message you need to be repetitive in 3-6 different ways. Without repetition your audience will virtually forget everything.

Represent Your Company With Style - Presentation Tips for Executives
Steve Kaye's article offers tips for executives to present and bring success to any event. As a leader, communication is a prime responsibility in representing your company.

Your Mom Told You Not To Talk With Your Hands, But Gestures Are OK!
Marjorie Brody discusses a few simple techniques that dynamic speakers practice by using gestures that can add impact to a presentation.

You Can Improve Your Presentations
Andrew Gilman has several tips attorneys should consider to communicate more effectively within their organizations.

What! I Have to Give a Speech? How Do I Begin?
Dr. Ken Snyder's article provides students as well as adults with a very easy method for constructing a speech. He developed the S-MAP, Speaker's Master Action Plan, which can easily build a speech using only six main ingredients.

Overcoming Speaking Anxiety in Meetings & Presentations
Lenny Laskowski offers 10 steps you can take to reduce the fear of speaking in meetings and presentations. He discusses proper preparation will reduce speech anxiety.

Using Anecdotes And Excerpts Effectively
Anecdotes are among the most powerful communications tools ever discovered by man. Jesus used them for his teaching and we know them as parables.

Converting Public Speaking Opportunities into Strategic Communications Tools
Mitchell Friedman discusses that presentations that are carefully prepared and skillfully delivered are extremely important for helping you and your organization achieve their fundamental business objectives.

Using Quotations Effectively
This article refers to simple techniques to use quotations effectively that will blend into your natural language. As long as the quotation reinforces your point, it is almost impossible to misuse it.

Controlling Nerves - Tip of the Month For July 1999
Dr. Ken Snyder offers a few basic guidelines to control nerves when speaking to an audience. If properly controlled, nervous energy can be used to the speaker's advantage.

How To Get Full Value From Your Speaker
If your speaker truly is a valuable resource and you've gone to all this trouble to get him/her ready to do a proper job for you, then perhaps there are several ways to utilize the speakers' resources on the day of their appearance.

How to Work an Audience
Susan RoAne has suggestions and tips on how you can win an audience, clients colleagues and friends.

USE 'em, Don't LOSE 'em! How to Use "Q and A" to Create Compelling Presentations
Nanci McGraw discusses facts on using Questions and Answers in creating effective presentations. By perfecting "Q and A” you can increase sales, participation and positive feedback.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 1"
This is Bill Wilson's first in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. To enhance your job performance and career opportunities, practice your skills in the area of public speaking.

Five Ways To Make Your Body Speak
Dr. Ralph C. Smeadly, the founder of Toastmasters International, wrote, "The speaker who stands and talks at ease is the one who can be heard without weariness.

Guidelines for Moderating a Panel
Mitchell Friedman discuses the panel moderator, the individual who coordinates a panel presentation, is critical for ensuring its success. He offers guidelines to follow that will help moderators meet the objectives.

Presentations - From Dr. Snyder's Tip of the Month December 1998
Dr. Ken Synder discusses the importance of learning presentation skills. He has six easy keys to master a successful presentation.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 2"
This is Bill Wilson's second in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. He offers four key components for making an effective presentation.

Courtroom and Boardroom Presentations: Comparing and Contrasting
Persuasive speaking may have had its origins when Eve convinced Adam to take a bite of the apple, but the teaching of speaking as discipline had its origin in Ancient Greece, or…

This simple assessment tool will help you to stay on track and on top of your career.

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
Marjorie Brody guides you through successful question-and-answer period at the end of your presentation. She offers an opportunity for you to further clarify your ideas, as well as to diffuse any hostile questioners.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 3"
This is Bill Wilson's third in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. Part three deals with the situation…determine the purpose of the presentation-it's goals and objectives.

Language: It's A Matter of Interpretation
We all don't talk the same language. Use language that your listener will understand -- in any situation (for speeches, meetings, everyday conversation).

Capture an Audience's Attention: Points on Posture, Eye, Contact and More
Marjorie Brody's article addresses three components to capture an audience's attention. Visual, Vocal and Verbal carry a percentage of the listeners' perception of the total message, which follows the theory that first impressions count.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 4"
This is Bill Wilson's fourth in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. He discusses three maxims of public speaking from the perspective of your audience.

Giving Impromptu Speeches
Sean Sheedy offers advice on how to prepare and deliver a highly effective speech.

Seven Secrets to a Successful Speech
Brenda Nixon provides seven great tips to pulling off a winning presentation.

Add Pizzazz to Presentations With Multimedia
Marjorie Brody's article discusses the advantages of multimedia tools when presenting. Sophisticated visual aids can help the audience understand what is being discussed in a presentation.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 5"
This is Bill Wilson's fifth in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. Bill offers six things to keep in mind to overcome the fear of public speaking.

How To Make Your Sales Presentation Come Alive!
To sell our products and services we must be able to tell stories and create pictures in the minds of our customers to excite their imagination…

Strategy and Tactics for Dealing with Difficult Speaking Situations
Lawrence Tracy provides excellent advice for presenters who are presenting to a skeptical audience. He offers strategy and tactics for business or government presentations.