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Self Improvement

The Time In Which Change Changed
Eli Bay suggests that future shock is one of the major causes of stress in the '90s. He offers a practical strategy to strengthen your resilience to rapid change in our society.

Fear -- The Great Enemy Of Creativity
Fear has stopped people dead in their tracks - inhibited their abilities to grow and live life more abundantly. When we're fearful, we freeze up, stress out, withdraw from social events and end up living a life of lesser fulfillment.

Are You a Green Thumb Leader?
Eileen McDargh offers 7 helpful tips on growing and nurturing your business.

11 Powerful Ways to Expand Your Life This Year
Jim Cathcart offers 11 tips for achieving your goals and investing in yourself.

Setting Your Personal Speaking Goals
Lenny Laskowski discuses the importance of establishing new goals yearly and reflect on the previous year on what you have accomplished. This process can help decide what makes sense to eliminate and what makes sense to keep doing.

How to "Get a LIFE"
Many women today are working in a fast-paced competitive environment. Christine Corelli's article offers a few tips on how to make it through the day.

Increasing Self-Confidence And Problem Solving
Oddly enough, for many, there is rarely a day that goes by where we procrastinate making a decision because we experience a lack of self-confidence or feelings of self-doubt….

Brainpower for the Overwhelmed
You very well could be suffering from SADD-situational attention deficit disorder, a term coined by Anderson Consulting Institute for Strategic Change.

7 Intelligences
There are at least seven multiple intelligences, all of which are possessed by everyone, except in different proportions.

Workplace Humor Is NOT an Oxymoron© or How to Create a Positive Workplace
The Dilbert Syndrome seems to have taken over America's workplace. Fulfillment once found in work has been replaced with dread (at best) and not a little cynicism.

"Survival of the Finest in the 21st Century"
For many people, adapting to change can be difficult. Christine Corelli offers a few tips you can do to help yourself and others adapt to change.

10 Survival Tips - Here's how to play your cards when dealing with the health-care system
Shelle Rose Charvet shares her personal experience with battling breast cancer and dealing with the health care system.

Getting in Control
Using the word "control" as an acronym, Eileen McDargh suggests ways in which we can begin to gain some relief from self-induced pressure.

It's the Millennium! So, be Realistic. There's no limit to what you can do!
There is a very real possibility that you can do virtually anything. Not alone, not without new information, not without changing in some ways, but certainly within your ultimate grasp.

Walking on the Quicksand of Change©
"...in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin, 1789

Practical Ways to Avoid Burnout and Put Fun Back Into Your Life!
With the fast pace of modern day society, many Americans suffer from chronic nervousness, panic attack and phobias; people have less time and more frustrations. Michael Stahl offers some practical ways you can avoid and overcome burnout.

Avoiding the Autopilot Syndrome - How to keep challenge alive in your work
Many people are so caught up in getting things done they lose sight of the purpose of their work and quickly get bored. In fact, the more secure and stable a job starts to be, the more likely we are to find it unchallenging.

The Art Of Balancing An Unequal Life
Whether a Renaissance banker or the CEO of a high tech conglomerate, whether a guild master of stonework or a manager of information services, the issue is still one of balance…

Challenge Change as a Great Adventure
John Amatt discusses how to meet the challenge of change and adapt, by learning to view change as a great adventure.

Fire Up those Fire Extinguishers: Dealing with Negative Behaviors©
Fire extinguishers are those people who put a damper on everything. No matter how positive a situation, no matter how many innovative solutions, some people seem to spread negativism like the foam from a fire extinguisher.

"Reflections Upon Descent"*
Dave Rodney article shows that we can all reach new heights personally, and professionally – and turn our weakness into strength. External power is fuelled by internal strength.

Lethal Life Calling - How to cut through the hocus pocus and focus on success
What is your calling in life? People talk about finding their life's calling and the perfect job. However, while finding a job you're good at and suited for is important, it is a very small piece of the puzzle.

The Newest Case for Human Capital
The heart of meaningful conversation and engagement is also a willingness to suspend judgment, to listen without ego, to challenge without malice, and to have a fanatic devotion to maintaining trust.

Listening Is Hard To Do
Zig Ziglar offers advice on how to be a better listener.

4 Ways to Master Change
Sheila Murray Bethel discusses these four principles to help us cope with change: Don't Fight It. You don't have to like change. Know what to defend against change. Have a sense of humor.

"Arguments For Ascent"
Dave Rodney submits this short piece, which reflects his experience of climbing to the roof of the planet and back…

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World
Patti Hathaway discusses how we can maintain balance when there is less time to do all the things that are demanded of us.

Tips for Relighting After Burnout: Energizing Self and Others
The current environment brings additional stress to our homes and offices. You all probably know some of the symptoms. Here are but a few. Check them off and then consider some actions...

Get Silly, Will Ya'!
Zig Ziglar explains the impact that laughter and humor can provide for you in three different ways.

Leadership Quiz for the New Millenium Courage and Change
Courage and change go hand in hand when it comes to increasing your effectiveness as a leader.

Ergonomics Improve Personal Energy
Gail Howerton has some insider secrets on how ergonomics can increase your personal energy and your health while you are at work.

An Eye for an Eye and Tooth for a Tooth Can Leave You Blind and Toothless
Patti Hathaway discusses why forgiveness is much more about you than it is about the person or the organization who wronged you.

From The Cockpit: Lessons in Leading Through Crisis.
A self-litmus trust test would benefit us all. What would people say about our behaviors during change or crisis? Would there be mutiny and fleeing the ship?

Just Do It!
Creativity is important, but means nothing if you don't take action on your ideas. Innovation is the act of implementing your creative ideas.

Personal Excellence - Using Fear to Get Going
Sheila Murray Bethel suggests the best way to confront any fear is to do something. She recommends doing something totally unrelated to your fear.

Abolish The Debt With Your Eyes Closed
Eli Bay discusses that over time, sleep deprivation produces significant consequences in your work performance and relationships with others. Simple relaxation practice can make a difference.

Energize Your Efforts And Your Employees - OR - Practicing Safe Stress At Work
Communication, recognition, and reward are critical to creating an energizing, enthusiastic, and enjoyable workplace. Gail Howerton offers some tips on practicing safe stress at work.

Put on Your Game Face
Do you want to feel good and powerful while going through change at work? Then consistently take action or "Just Do It!" on the things you can control…

Heed Your Confidence Voice
You know fear can be powerful, controlling, limiting, and immobilizing. But did you know that when you accept your fear and tune in to your confidence voice, you can regain control and reap immeasurable rewards?

Working With Heart
Picture this. It's Monday morning and you can't wait to get to work! You love your job, what's more, you feel valued and appreciated…

Building Your Brain Power
Thanks to an extensive research, we can now confidently draw upon simple but powerful techniques to enlist more of our extraordinary brainpower.

Delete Internal and External Clutter
Gail Howerton discusses deleting things in your life that consume your energy. By riding yourself of distracters whether internal or external enables a greater personal energy.

When You're at the End of Your Rope, Let Go!
Patti Hathaway discusses three basic things we can focus on in change situations: (1) The things we Can Control, (2) The things we May Have Influence over, and (3) The things we Cannot Control.

Risking To Win - How To Improve Performance By Taking Risks
I'm fairly knowledgeable about risk-taking. As a Professional Exhibition Skydiver, I've taken some extraordinary risks and prevailed.

From Do-Do-Do To Do-Be-Do-Be-Do
When you first awaken, are your feet running before they touch the floor? Is your life a continuous rush from activity to activity and project to project as you furiously seek accomplishments in your life?

Don't Worry Be Happy
Eli Bay discusses taking time out of hectic lifestyles to both exercise and relax away the day's accumulated stresses. Excessive negative emotions play a major role in illness and create deterioration in the quality of our lives.

Escape For A Mental Health Break
Gail Howerton has some suggestions on how to take mental escapes. Physically removing yourself from the scene of stress can do wonders to restoring your personal energy.

The 5 Most Important (& Most Valuable) Things You Will Miss Out On When You Refuse to Change:
Patti Hathaway talks about 5 critical things you will miss out on if you don't accept change and offers a few recommendations on preparing for changes in an organization.

The Vision to Prevail in an Economic Slowdown - Peripheral That Is
Don't miss the inexpensive opportunities to bolster a client relationship or exploit a passing opportunity because your laser-like focus on improving profitability and revenues has cost you your peripheral vision..

Making Stone Soup
I'll admit it. I'm nothing but a kid at heart. I'm continually astounded by the world around us and tend not to take things for granted. I received a fax yesterday and watched with sincere amazement…

Let Go And Flow
Eli Bay examines the "relaxation response” and how it affects the bodymind system. Everyone can be more in control of himself or herself by learning simple ways to properly release stress.

F2 - Fun and "F"ectiveness - The Keys to Energize Your Enterprise
Creating a workplace that promotes peak performance through playful professionalism makes good business sense in these stressful times. Gail Howerton shares some of the most important keys to increase personal energy.

Whining with Purpose
We need to develop the ability to "whine with purpose", in other words - - to give constructive feedback.

Be All You Can Be With Coaching!
The goal of a coach is to help you be more, do more in order to bring out your very best and to make you more of a productive and valuable employee. No matter what the goal, everyone needs coaching if they are to be successful!

Managing the Impact of Change - Part 1
The secret to accepting Change is accepting that we must let go of the past before we can embrace the future. This is just another way of saying that in order to learn a new skill, we must stop using the old one.

Managing Modernity
Equip yourself and your staff with skills for the new world that is rapidly descending upon us, put mind-body training high on your agenda. Training in mind-body processes like "the relaxation response" helps everyone to cope better.

Fun Shui (SM) - Organize to Energize Your Work and Your Life
Gail Howerton shows that by making educated choices about how you select your environment; you can control many aspects affecting your enjoyment and your effectiveness at home and at work.

Ten Tips for Taking Criticism
Patti Hathaway highlights ten extremely useful tips for taking and accepting criticism.

Meeting Mania - Pt. 1
Tired of wasting time listening to windbags tell you how smart they are when you should be working? Does your boss make you travel to staff meetings that have meaningless agendas?

Managing the Impact of Change - Part 2
The secret to accepting Change is accepting that we must let go of the past before we can embrace the future. This is just another way of saying that in order to learn a new skill, we must stop using the old one. Part 2

Remember The Monkey Trap
Recognizing and letting go of that which doesn't serve you is the constant challenge that everyone faces. Eli Bay talks about letting go of the inappropriate choices.

How to Develop Charisma
Ellen Finkelstein offers 12 qualities that can help you to become a charismatic speaker. This will allow you to be the person that audiences feel attracted to and connected with.

Focus On Customers: Use Your Powers For Good.
Rhonda F. Waters advises on using your experience to help others, and yourself.

A Thought or Two…
People throughout time have been searching for the meaning of life. It makes no sense to search for something that lives in us. Millions of dollars a year are spent on methods of trying to help people feel better about themselves and the world.

Managing the Impact of Change - Part 3
The secret to accepting Change is accepting that we must let go of the past before we can embrace the future. This is just another way of saying that in order to learn a new skill, we must stop using the old one. Part3

Taming Anxiety
One of the major causes of anxiety is chronic stress. Eli Bay discusses the use of conscious breathing can be a way to release your daily stress.

Dealing With Difficult People – The Essential "How Tos"
Whether it is the whiner, the exploder, or the guilt-trip sender, a few basic principles and tools can make working with them less stressful and more productive and profitable.

Resolutions And Goal Setting
Do you feel so guilty about breaking resolutions, or not meeting goals, that you have stopped setting them? Slap yourself! What you have is a very ordinary problem, Goalus Impracticus can be cured…

Meeting Mania - Pt. 2
Tired of wasting time listening to windbags tell you how smart they are when you should be working? Does your boss make you travel to staff meetings that have meaningless agendas?

Managing the Impact of Change - Part 4
The secret to accepting Change is accepting that we must let go of the past before we can embrace the future. This is just another way of saying that in order to learn a new skill, we must stop using the old one. Part 4

The Most Significant Issue Of Our Time
Eli Bay discusses the issue of exponential growth in one's life. It's hard to appreciate just how awesome the strain of such rapid adaptation is upon our bodies and minds.

Handling Interruptions
While eliminating interruptions from our days is not a reasonable, or even desirable, goal, it is possible to minimize the impact interruptions have on our days by following these tips.

Work while you are at Work!
People consistently ask me, "What can I do to avoid being laid off?" addressing your productivity at work is one of the most important steps.

Break Habits - Get Creative
Bob Bapes advises on the steps to becoming more creative by breaking current habits and the many opportunities involved in doing so.

The Secret of Endurance
Eli Bay talks about how to achieve a sense of balance in our rapidly changing society. He offers a variety of simple but effective methods available to achieve this relaxing and revitalizing state.

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
Everyone suffers with Laliophobia: the fear of public speaking! There is no exception. As a matter of fact, it is the number one fear winning out over such things as heights, insects, bugs....

Sixth Century Wisdom for 21st Century Changemasters
Despite statistics that put this as the lowest employment rate in decades, there's pain and inaccuracy behind these cold numbers. And in all of this, we're working more but feeling as if we're earning less…

Cultivating Creativity
Never before has creativity been more in demand. Like other intellectual capital, creativity is being recognized and fostered as one of the "keys to success" by today's leading-edge organizations.

If You Hate Your Job…
Eli Bay offers advice on overcoming job related stress and the debilitating symptoms that can arise from them.