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13 Platinum "To Do's" To Get More Response
I agree with this statement: "Each and every element in a direct mail package, space ad, on your WWW site - anywhere - is equally important."

All About Post Scripts and Post-Post Scripts
Research has shown that 79% of all people who open your direct mail will read the P.S. first. Before reading anything else in the letter. Or any other part of the mail package.

13 Platinum Ideas for Better Advertising Headlines
Headlines in ads, like teaser copy on envelopes and running heads for direct mail letters, grab attention. Or, that is what they are suppose to do - pull a reader in.

The Creative Planning Process Road Map
Tactics necessary to reach the Objectives outlined in "The Plan"

13 Platinum Ideas for Direct Mail Envelopes
There is a theory that says Direct Mail is going away. And its demise will be soon…

The Bumps of Direct Mail
It is important to begin coordination early. A "working with" attitude must prevail between the account and creative team who are developing the program. And, the production team which has the responsibility to make it all happen.

13 Real Reasons How Repetition Will Build Your Reputation
Every day your customers and prospects are bombarded with messages. From radio, television, newspapers, magazines, outdoor posters, signage….

Letter openings
101 "Interesting" Ways to start your Direct Mail

The 13 Best Times to use Advertising Specialties & Premiums ... and some other ideas
Every day we are bombarded with dozens, scores, hundreds of messages.

Mastering the Production Challenge
The techniques you use to produce your direct response program will influence its success in two ways: The level of quality you choose will significantly affect the program's image, readership, and level of awareness…

28 Things to Know about People ... the People-Tech Business
POWER MARKETING is a people business. People make things happen. And although this is a time when both quality and service are "expected", we must always remember it is people who create quality and people who provide service.

Direct Mail -- Truth with Words
Direct Mail has been, is, and will continue to be a strong business marketing tool. Why? Because it works! It carries a message, answers questions and gets response.

How to Write a Better Direct Mail Letter
Research has shown that 65% of the people who open your direct mail, if they are inclined to respond, will do so because of your letter.

Direct Marketing --Truth in Numbers
Direct Marketing is now a dominate discipline in marketing and selling. Why? Because it works! It carries a message, answers questions and gets orders…

How to Use Advertising Specialties and Premiums in Direct Marketing Advertising Specialties and Premiums in Direct Marketing
Incentives work. They work to get results to your direct mail, your space ad, your exhibit stand at a trade show, off a television commercial - in the hands of your sales reps.

Telemarketing Can Be Profitable When It's Done Right
The key to becoming accomplished in telemarketing sales is to work in a structured manner, with a structured approach, much the same way an on-the-road sales rep delivers…

Budgeting for profits
Budgets are horrible. I don't know anybody who really likes them. Even the financial people who have to work with them really don't like them. They may enjoy the process of budgeting ... but working with budgets is just plain not fun. They are so limited!

They Wrote Me a Letter
Promotions for conventions, trade shows, and incentive programs will generate greater response if you follow these guidelines….

Direct Marketing in the 3rd World
The United Nations says Pakistan is a third world country. In short that means they qualify for all sorts of aid and assistance from the rest of us. All this may be true...yet on my two most recent visits to Pakistan I have clearly seen…..

33 Secrets for Successful Telemarketing
For any telemarketing/inside sales program to be successful, a number of ingredients are needed. The most successful programs are those that mesh a number of marketing tools together.

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P. & P.
No, I'm not stuttering. I know exactly what I'm sharing with you. These are The 9ine P's of Marketing. You have probably heard of the four "P's". Or sometimes five. Nothing wrong with those lists ... except they aren't complete….

Turn Suspects into Advocates
How can we do it? Here are 10 key points suspects will consider before becoming prospects. If you also take these into consideration, you'll be able to convert suspects to customers to advocates.

Face Value of Visual Communication Dynamics
In your face marketing and selling, visual communication dynamics, overwhelmingly influence our thinking and behavior. We are dynamically visual beings by nature.

Sell to the Right Audience
By selecting from these 11 "rules," you'll do a better job of selecting the right audience. Good Marketing!

Your Website and Your Customer: Today's Internet Savvy Customer
On the Net, advertising and marketing lines blur, and sometimes the two are the same. Furthermore, the Internet isn't called the information super-highway for nothing.

Use Creative to Maximize Your Message
The creative process is what excites us. It is also where we have the most opinions, where our biases quickly surface.

Learn From Telemarketing: Structure Your Routine
During my 3 jobs telemarketing I found that the best salespeople were not always the ones who communicated the best. Those who picked up the phone, quickly developed an interest, then a relationship then asked for the sale normally won the race…

40-40-20 or 60-30-10?
The first 40 represented audience. 40% of the success of your direct response marketing program was tied to your message being sent to the right audience. The second 40 stood for offer.

Popcorn and Other Marketing Mistakes In a Changing Economy
Ten years of competitive hell! That was the title on the seminar brochure I received recently. As I survey some of the forces flowing through our economy, and witness the way in which they effect my clients, I have to agree...

6 Ideas to Make Your Retail Database Work
As the number of restaurants continue to increase, and alternate sources for prepared food multiply, food service industry saturation has become a serious problem for restaurants….

Creating High Energy Web Sites And PR Materials
Why do some web sites and ads work - and others don't? There are as many theories as there are experts. One key explanation is usually overlooked; it is the energy generated by the copy and the graphics on the website, or in the ad.

9 Reasons to Repeat Your Message
Your sales team will find it easier to close sales if you are more visible in the marketplace. Continuity in the marketplace and continuity of sales effort tie together.

Marketing Can Help You Produce More Business
Today there 6 primary techniques for marketing insurance services -- #1 being used the most often and #6 being used the least often: