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Informal Presentations

The Art of Communicating Effectively
Tips from all aspects of pulling off the successful presentation!

"From the Stage to the Podium: Acting Techniques for Speakers"
Article provides 10 practical secrets from the craft of acting that can help you give an Academy Award-winning presentation every time. Many successful speakers use acting techniques to upgrade their platform skills.

"Speak English Like It Tastes Good"
One of the many bright sides of our world now is that the most vivid messages move with lightning speed to the most places, phones, and screens around the world.

Coaching Platform Skills: Helping Presenters Step Up to the Plate & Hit a Home Run
Most professional athletes and actors receive coaching. Why should it be any different for speakers? Knowing a subject is only the beginning. A coach can help a presenter organize and develop the presentation as well improve overall delivery technique.

Quick Tip: Overcoming the F.E.A.R. of Speaking
Bill Wilson addresses the F.E.A.R. of speaking to an audience. He offers four things that you can do to control your nervousness when giving a speech.

How to Deal With a Hostile Audience
Lenny Laskowski's article addresses dealing with a hostile audience. He provides ten (10) easy steps that create an aura of confidence in your presentation.

Overcoming Speaking Anxiety in Meetings & Presentations
Lenny Laskowski offers 10 steps you can take to reduce the fear of speaking in meetings and presentations. He discusses proper preparation will reduce speech anxiety.

Preparing A Presentation
" When you "Tell'em what you are going to tell'em" in your introduction, you send a signal as to what "files" the audience members should open in their minds.

Quick Tip: Preparation Time
Bill Wilson's article discusses preparation time for developing a new presentation. He suggests spending 1 hour of preparation time for each minute of presentation time.

Controlling Nerves - Tip of the Month For July 1999
Dr. Ken Snyder offers a few basic guidelines to control nerves when speaking to an audience. If properly controlled, nervous energy can be used to the speaker's advantage.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 1"
This is Bill Wilson's first in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. To enhance your job performance and career opportunities, practice your skills in the area of public speaking.

Presenting "IN STYLE"
Anne Miller provides insight and examples on how to structure your speech to the different personalities of your audience so that they will be more apt to listen carefully to your ideas and subject matter.

Quick Tip: Using Quotations
Explanation of why using quotations can be an invaluable brainstorming and authoring tool.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 2"
This is Bill Wilson's second in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. He offers four key components for making an effective presentation.

Quotations: They're Not Just for Drunks Anymore!
Explanations of why using quotations can be an invaluable brainstorming and authoring tool.

Stage Fright: Don't Let It Kill Your Presentation
Whether it is your first presentation, or number 100, almost everyone suffers from some level of stage fright or performance anxiety.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 3"
This is Bill Wilson's third in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. Part three deals with the situation…determine the purpose of the presentation-it's goals and objectives.

Does Your Body Language Stop A Sales Presentation Before It Starts?
Salespeople are always looking for new ways to make the sale. What they need to do is remember that you can't sell anything before you can sell yourself.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 4"
This is Bill Wilson's fourth in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. He discusses three maxims of public speaking from the perspective of your audience.

Develop your "like-ability" quotient
Arnold Sanow offers tips to develop a good rapport with your customers. Good manners and kindness can greatly enhance your opportunity to keep customers you already have and win new ones.

Quick Tip: Repetition = Retention
Bill Wilson discuses that if you want your audience to retain important points of your message you need to be repetitive in 3-6 different ways. Without repetition your audience will virtually forget everything.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 5"
This is Bill Wilson's fifth in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. Bill offers six things to keep in mind to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Quick Tip: Three Speaking Maxims
Here are three important points to remember when developing a presentation.

Earning the Right to be Heard.
"Why wont people listen to me?" This is a question that I hear repeated over and over as I speak to and work with a variety of organizations around this country.

Quick Tip: Quit While You're Ahead
Bill Wilson addresses the importance of using your allocated time when giving a presentation. Going over the scheduled time can inconvenience the other speakers.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 6"
This is Bill Wilson's sixth in a seven-part series of articles on presenting tips, tools and techniques to improve your presentation skills. Bill offers thirteen techniques to use that can liven up and illustrate points of a presentation.

Represent Your Company With Style - Presentation Tips for Executives
Steve Kaye's article offers tips for executives to present and bring success to any event. As a leader, communication is a prime responsibility in representing your company.

Presentation Skills for the "Unprofessional Speaker Part 7"
This is the last in a seven-part series of articles on presentation skills designed for persons who don't make or supplement their living from professional speaking.

Your Mom Told You Not To Talk With Your Hands, But Gestures Are OK!
Marjorie Brody discusses a few simple techniques that dynamic speakers practice by using gestures that can add impact to a presentation.

Five Ways To Make Your Body Speak
Dr. Ralph C. Smeadly, the founder of Toastmasters International, wrote, "The speaker who stands and talks at ease is the one who can be heard without weariness.

How to Work an Audience
Susan RoAne has suggestions and tips on how you can win an audience, clients colleagues and friends.

How to Be a Sensational Speaker Every Time
Candy Tymson provides 6 presentation tips to be sensational speaker, every time. Building a good rapport with your audience and keeping their interest is the key.

Quick Tip: Choosing a Dynamite Opener
Bill Willson emphasizes a few examples that will keep your audience's attention throughout your speech.

Quick Tip: "In Conclusion…"
This article offers a couple noteworthy examples of why using "In Conclusion…” can work against your presentation.

Don't Let The Power Robbers Sabotage Your Speech
Marjorie Brody brings understanding to which words offend others with our language. She offers corrections to reduce the effects of bad speaking habits in our speech.

Sparkle when you speak - 10 presentation tips for communicating results.
Marsha Petrie Sue discusses 10 steps that you can employ more effectively when you speak.

Capture an Audience's Attention: Points on Posture, Eye, Contact and More
Marjorie Brody's article addresses three components to capture an audience's attention. Visual, Vocal and Verbal carry a percentage of the listeners' perception of the total message, which follows the theory that first impressions count.

It's Not Just What You Say … It's What You Radiate
First impressions are lasting impressions. In fact, it's not what you say; it's what you radiate that counts. Many studies show that only 7% of the message that people perceive comes from the words you use….

The Power is Not the Point!
There are two ingredients to being a successful speaker. Good speaking skills and good information. Without those, you will lose your audience…

It's the Millennium! So, be Realistic. There's no limit to what you can do!
There is a very real possibility that you can do virtually anything. Not alone, not without new information, not without changing in some ways, but certainly within your ultimate grasp.

Quick Tip: Personal Style
Having your own unique style will give you the edge you need in order to be thought of as an outstanding communicator.

Make Your Materials Work for You - How to Design Exhibits That Impress Others
You've just been asked to speak at a big meeting and you want to make a good impression. Since visual aids add interest to a presentation, you decide to create slides to accompany your talk…

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
Marjorie Brody guides you through successful question-and-answer period at the end of your presentation. She offers an opportunity for you to further clarify your ideas, as well as to diffuse any hostile questioners.

How To Make Your Sales Presentation Come Alive!
To sell our products and services we must be able to tell stories and create pictures in the minds of our customers to excite their imagination…

Seven Secrets to a Successful Speech
Brenda Nixon provides seven great tips to pulling off a winning presentation.

Quick Tip: Choosing a Title for Your Presentation
Make sure to have a title for your presentation that captures what you are trying to convey. This will help you to increase interest in the prospective audience.

Tips To Book A Speaker
Andrea H. Gold provides an in depth look at the advantages of hiring a profession speaker or celebrity. Topics range from fees to choosing the right speaker for the subject of the conference or meeting.

Ten Fatal Flaws Frequently Found From The Podium
Article addresses some of the most common mistakes made at the podium and solutions to avoid future instances.

USE 'em, Don't LOSE 'em! How to Use "Q and A" to Create Compelling Presentations
Nanci McGraw discusses facts on using Questions and Answers in creating effective presentations. By perfecting "Q and A” you can increase sales, participation and positive feedback.