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Communicating in Sales Situations

Defining Customer Service
David Goldsmith offers tips on creating great customer service.

25 Ways to Keep Your Customers for Life
Arnold Sanow offers 25 essential tips to keep your customers loyal. Arnold adds that good communication and human relations skills will equal good customer relations.

How to Develop Charisma
Ellen Finkelstein offers 12 qualities that can help you to become a charismatic speaker. This will allow you to be the person that audiences feel attracted to and connected with.

Thinking About Sales: Dealing with Your Customers' Time Constraints
This is a real information-age issue. You know how confused and pressured you feel these days. Your customers feel the same way…

Your Body Speaks Volume, But Do You Know What It Is Saying?
Anne Warfield discusses that body language is one of our best communication tools. By changing voice tone on certain words or by adjusting body language we can give a whole different meaning to what we said.

Customer Care for All Generations
Eileen Brownell offers guidelines to assist you in providing the best customer care to individuals from 9 to 90 years of age. However, nothing surpasses kind and equal treatment to each customer.

How To Build A Stronger Partnership With Your Clients
The answer to productive relationships with clients today is synergism: The simultaneous action of separate entities that, together, have greater total effect than the sum of their individual effects.

Develop your "like-ability" quotient
Arnold Sanow offers tips to develop a good rapport with your customers. Good manners and kindness can greatly enhance your opportunity to keep customers you already have and win new ones.

How to Make a Difference by Focusing on the Positive
Eileen Brownell's eight simple techniques can turn a negative customer into a positive one. How fast you respond to a situation and the attitude you and your staff display, can turn negative customers into positive walking advertisements.

Teleconference Meetings: How to Have More Than Babble
Steven Kaye walks us through some techniques that can make Teleconferencing more effective.

Customer Advisory Boards … The Golden Key To REALLY Knowing Your Customers and Making More Sales
Arnold Sanow discusses creating a working advisory board can be the difference between success and failure. By really understanding your clients will you go beyond surviving to thriving.

What's Not Revealed is Often Most Revealing
Kare Anderson guides you towards ways of being more thoughtful, clear and genuine in your choices and your communiciation.

Attitude... The key ingredient for success
Arnold Sanow offers three simple guidelines for attitude adjustment. To keep clients we must project an upbeat, caring and concerned attitude.

We Are All Literally Two-Faced
Kare Anderson shows us that parts of our body speak to others around us. Also touches on how our body language and expressions give impressions of who we are.

Communication … The Foundation
Arnold Sanow discusses four basic assumptions regarding communication. Being an effective communicator is especially important in developing and keeping relationships with your associates, members and/or clients.

What Are You Telling the World?
Kare Anderson talks about how others might perceive you based on how you carry yourself

Listen, Learn and Earn More
Arnold Sanow's article offers six rules of active listening. By listening you not only become more likable but also you hear the wants, needs and objections of your potential clients.

Can You Keep Your Feelings to Yourself?
What ability do you have to keep things to yourself? Interesting article that touches on this subject.

The Face of Feeling
Kare Anderson talks about how likeability can sometimes be the true way to success.

Listening Is Hard To Do
Zig Ziglar offers advice on how to be a better listener.

7 Habits Of Highly Technical Salesmanship
Curt Tueffert offers the professional salesperson 7 habits of technical salesmanship. Technical selling requires a firm understanding of the entire technical selling process.

Lessons Learned From A Roman Street Vendor
All negotiations must be approached as win/win situations. Jack Pachuta discusses that with any skill, negotiations must be practiced and refined.

Your Telephone Speaking Voice
They say you can't judge a book by its cover but how many of us make judgments about people just based on their telephone speaking voice? People form opinions and make judgments about us in the first 60 seconds they see us.

Twelve Strategies That Change How You Negotiate
We all use our negotiating powers to get what we want. Jack Pachuta offers 12 strategies that can make a difference in your next negotiation opportunity.

Customer Trust Is Not An Option - It's A Matter Of Survival
Creating a strategy that develops customer trust is the most emotionally and intellectually challenging thing a company deals with in today's competitive global environment.

An Introduction To Relationship-based Selling
Michael Stahl discusses some techniques to develop a good rapport with prospects. Always be positive when developing a meaningful rapport.

Strategic Marketing and How To Communicate Your Sales Message so Buyers Take Action Now!
This article stresses the importance of marketing and provides great information that will produce a better return on your investment.

The Basics Of Telephone Marketing
Michael Stahl discusses that speaking on the telephone is an art. He offers some basic things to remember when on the telephone.

The Taming of the Critic
Patti Hathaway hightlights some effective ways you can handle those tough to handle critical situations.

The Culmination Of Your Efforts - How To Close The Deal
Michael Stahl suggests some effective ways in which you can close the deal with your prospect and know when to take advantage of the close. Watch your prospect closely, listen to what they have to say and feel their sensory output.

Managing Upward: Creating Working Partnerships
One key to understanding and managing the relationship with our boss is to try and understand what makes our boss "tick". What are the boss's pet peeves? How do you know they are angry? satisfied?

The Nuances Of Overcoming Objections
Michael Stahl discusses that you need to really be in touch with your prospect's personality. He offers ways to effectively overcome objections.

Ten Tips to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Meetings
Patti Hathaway discusses the following three guidlines: Guideline 1: Provide Specific Goals and Objectives for your Meeting - Guideline 2: Avoid the "Information Assumption" Trap - Guideline 3: The "Platinum Rule" of Meeting Success

CLEARly, you must listen!
Jack Pachuta has put together a list of active listening habits to teach people to be better listeners. To achieve to best possible result, listening must be practiced.

Communication and Answering Inquiries: Business is knocking at your door...is anyone home?
David Goldsmith discusses why we need to look at how we are utilizing the many methods of communication with our existing and potentially new customers.

20 Ways to Make Yourself More Memorable
Arnold Sanow offers 20 easy to use common sense tips for becoming a more memorable person.

Trade Show Promotions That Bring in the Buyers
A strong pre-show promotion guarantees an exhibit flooded with buyers. Mark Smith offers three parts for the best pre-show promotions, each targeting specific buyers.

Learn how the communications strategies of Tom Mower have helped grow Sisel's sales.