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Building a Presentation

Hierarchy And Contrast: The Basis of Good Design
Margo Halverson illustrates some interesting ways to liven up your next presentation. Discover what is effective and what is not concerning the layout of your presentation. An article well worth taking the time to read.

Add Pizzazz to Presentations With Multimedia
Marjorie Brody's article discusses the advantages of multimedia tools when presenting. Sophisticated visual aids can help the audience understand what is being discussed in a presentation.

Prepare Any Presentation in Ten Minutes
Tony Jeary - Mr. Presentation ™ discusses the benefits to the 3-D Outline™ process that he uses as a guideline for presentation preparation.

How to Win Your Audience Over Right From the Start
Openings are the toughest thing for most presenters. You only have about 15 seconds to make a good first impression. Think about typical openings you have heard presenters give…

Gathering Information & Materials
This article focuses on speech preparation as a process and your purpose of you speech as a whole.

Quick Tip: Preparation Time
Bill Wilson's article discusses preparation time for developing a new presentation. He suggests spending 1 hour of preparation time for each minute of presentation time.

I Can Do Anything: Just Give Me the Right Software
This article discusses concern over the expectations of software packages that lead the consumer to believe they will automatically have the skills required to market their products, create graphics, and handle all accounting matters on their own.

Power Positioning for PowerPoint
Sandra A. Shelton discusses the different approaches you can utilize while preparing for your PowerPoint presentation.

Quick Tip: "In Conclusion…"
This article offers a couple noteworthy examples of why using "In Conclusion…” can work against your presentation.

Choosing The Right Colors For Your Next Presentation
Margo Halverson discusses color presentation for your PowerPoint slides.

Using Computer LCD Display Projectors
In the ever growing world of technology, the popularity of computers to generate presentations is growing. Todays laptop computers coupled with many of the common software packages offer flexibility to the presenter.

Handy Tips For Effective Handouts: Great Materials Make Audience Members Remember Your Message
When the presentation or training session ends, does the learning also have to end? Absolutely not. Yet often, that can happen.

11 Tips for Using Flip Charts More Effectively
The best visuals have been and still are the simplest. Even though flip charts are low tech, they are reliable and don't require any special skill to use them.

Elements Of An Effective Speech
Lenny Laskowski offers 6 elements you should consider to give an effective speech. It's very important to pay attention to even the smallest details.

Links Pertaining To Microsoft's PowerPoint
PowerPointers.com editors have compiled a list of links providing Tips and Tricks on creating presentations with PowerPoint.

Technology, 10: Humans, 2.
Doug Malouf, a speaker on the international circuit, talks about the world of presentations as being full of toys. Electronic gizmos. Pictures that flash on to the screen. Dramatic multi-media presentations.

Designing an Influential Presentation
Ellen Finkelstein discusses a six-step structure to follow when organizing presentations. She offers professional results when creating your presentation.

Quick Tip: Repetition = Retention
Bill Wilson discuses that if you want your audience to retain important points of your message you need to be repetitive in 3-6 different ways. Without repetition your audience will virtually forget everything.

How to make PowerPoint go backwards
An illustrated lesson on making PowerPoint slides go backwards