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Selling and Negotiating

"Coming Back to Our Senses to Create More Memorable Meetings"
Bring your next meeting or presentation to the next level. Kare Anderson talks about the importance of sensory combinations to make for more memorable presentations.

"How to Increase Your Trade Show Sales"
One of the best marketing vehicles for a company is exhibiting in an industry show. Christine Corelli's tips will help you beat the competition and make your profits soar.

13 Platinum Negotiating Ideas
Negotiation is a major part of every sales situation. And frequently what selection of advertising, marketing, PR, merchandising and sales promotion you elect to support sales.

Thinking About Sales: Victory Over Voice Mail
Voice mail has become the number one irritant for salespeople in the Information Age. And with good reason. If you can't communicate with your customers, you can't get to see them…

A, B, C's of RAPPORT
How you handle yourself in different situations is a big part of being successful in business. Steve Drozdeck discusses some of the things to think about when developing a rapport with future clients.

Partnering For Productivity
Get the relationships right within the organization right and synergy usually results. When this happens, productivity and profitability increases are the usual, very welcome consequences.

"Selling Smarts on the Trade Show Floor"
Trade show exhibits can be a costly and labor-intensive venture. Christine Corelli's sales techniques can make the difference between success or failure in your trade-show efforts.

13 Platinum Sales Success Ideas
Some would say selling is not rocket-science. Or brain-surgery. True ... it is not. Yet, selling is a pro-active process. To be successful in sales you do need to be ready.

Thinking About Sales: Selling Commodities
"How do you create a perceived value to differentiate yourself from the competition, when you are both selling a commodity?" That's a question I'm often asked in my seminars. It uncovers a problem that is spreading to almost every industry.

InnerCourse: Perceptions Can Be Deceiving:
This article discusses self perception . How our attitudes shape much of who we are and how were perceived.

Dealing with Difficult People
This article offers excellent advice on how to effectively handle difficult co-workers and work associates. Candy Tymson identifies the four types of people who fit well into this category.

"Survival of the Finest in the 21st Century - Sales Success in the New Millennium"
Technology has leveled the playing field because it is has given many smaller businesses the ability to communicate and manufacture more rapidly. Christine Corelli offers advice on how we can survive in the fast-moving business world of the 21st Century.

13 Platinum B-2-B Lead Generation Ideas
B-2-B has been extremely active and well since the 1950's. Yet, it took the World Wide Web to truly awaken the full marketplace to direct marketing.

Thinking About Sales: One of the Emerging New Rules for Sales -- The Value-Added Sales Call
"My customers seem to have less time available for me than before. They are harder to see, and when I do get in front of them, they often seem rushed or preoccupied. What can I do about this?"

"Ten Tips For Successful Negotiating"
The ability to negotiate successfully is crucial for survival in today's changing business world. Ed Brodow provides some helpful tips to ensure you success.

Candy Tymson explains the importance of using the right words or phrases when communicating. Use of persuasive words, jargon, and avoiding conflict are the three topics that are addressed.

The Basics Of Telephone Marketing
Michael Stahl discusses that speaking on the telephone is an art. He offers some basic things to remember when on the telephone.

13 Platinum Ideas on Working With Your Clients
How can you build your business relationships - so they grow and mature and evolve upwards - and not "out"? That is, how can you keep the clients you have - and not have them walk out the door?

What's the Best Way to Find a Good Salesperson?
Good question! It seems that everyone has a favorite response. Some people only use recruiters, and others swear by networking. But classified ads continue to be the most common choice.

More Lessons from the Construction - Of Stadium Australia...Sydney's Olympic Stadium
Alan Patching talks about motivation beyond ones own self. A great article about discovering how important one person can be in amongst a huge project.

"Magical Questions"
This discussion will not center on the ability to speak, but on the importance of asking the correct questions.

The Culmination Of Your Efforts - How To Close The Deal
Michael Stahl suggests some effective ways in which you can close the deal with your prospect and know when to take advantage of the close. Watch your prospect closely, listen to what they have to say and feel their sensory output.

The Winning Marketing Strategy – Altruism Or Paranoia?
Don Prices discusses whether or not we prosper more from paranoia or can we actually prosper more from altruistic behavior by entering into relationships of reciprocation.

The Ultimate Survival Skill for the Information Age
We're living in incredibly turbulent times. In spite of newspaper headlines proclaiming solid employment and a growing economy many business people admit to a pervasive feeling of uncertainty and confusion about their businesses.

How Exhibitors Can Move More Attendees Closer to a Sale"
Kare Anderson discusses some of the ways in which an exhibitor may more easily close a sale. 22 helpful tips you can use in your next exhibition.

Time-Proven Methods To Balance The Marketing Mix
Marjorie Brody's 10 methods for an effective marketing mix provide a combination of methods that may enhance visibility, thus expand your business. She has used time-proven methods that can put you on your way to success.

Sell More By Giving Things Away
Don Cooper's article shows what you can give away to encourage people to buy from you. He has 25 ideas that will help you get started.

Have you responded to the Great Customer Attitude Shift?
What can your company do about all those tough customers? Shelle Rose Charvet has a few helpful pointers regarding dealing with difficult customers.

Is Your Sales System Clogged with Accumulated Gunk?
What's gunk? Any practice that detracts from the salesperson spending time with customers. In other words, other things the outside salespeople do instead of meeting with customers…

Magical Words Create Customer Satisfaction
Eileen O. Brownell provides a few methods that can increase customer satisfaction. Examples and stories also help demonstrate the importance of using just the right words.

Does Your Body Language Stop A Sales Presentation Before It Starts?
Salespeople are always looking for new ways to make the sale. What they need to do is remember that you can't sell anything before you can sell yourself.

NETWORKING: Your Most Valuable Marketing Tool
Recognizing some fundamental truths about networking will help you be more successful at it. By following Don Cooper's rules diligently, you can, over time, become a powerful net worker.

Added Value Negotiating: Getting Win-Win Sales Success
All of us are negotiators at various times in our lives, whether we know it or not and whether we like it or not…

Developing Your Salespeople
Which of these issues are worrying you these days? Keeping the good salespeople you have? Motivating your salespeople? Stimulating your salespeople to become more productive? Attracting good quality, new salespeople?

Ring up More Sales With Your Telephone
You can sell virtually anything over the telephone. For example, following up a mailing with a phone call can increase your response by 10%.

Listen, Learn and Earn More
Arnold Sanow's article offers six rules of active listening. By listening you not only become more likable but also you hear the wants, needs and objections of your potential clients.

More Sales, Greater Profits, Less Hassle During Your Peak Times
William McCurry helps you plan ahead to exceed your sales goals with happier customers and more importantly a less frazzled team.

New Technology Eliminates Cold-Calling Stress And Eliminates Voice Mail As A Selling Obstacle
Salespeople hate to make cold calls and business owners hate to take them. Now there's a way to eliminate stress on both ends of the line.

Do You Have a Selling System?
Should your company allow every salesperson to have their own style, or should you have system for selling to which everyone adheres? Almost any work can be systematic.

Coaching Your Team
Taking the team philosophy for managing a business, Ray Pelletier talks about how you can manage more like a coach and find great success.

Guerrillas Revive The Cold Call
The next time you find yourself between appointments with time to kill, make a cold call! Yes, we know, cold calling went out with Fuller Brush, but that's exactly why it's in, for guerrillas.

5 Ways to Increase Your Trade Show Sales
Mark Smith offers five ideas guaranteed to increase sales at your next trade show.

Avoiding Gender Fender Benders
Patti Hathaway addresses the question "Are men and women really that different from each other and how does that play itself out in customer service situations?"

Switched-on Selling: Balancing Your Selling Brain - Activate both sides of your brain for more sales success.
There is a way to switch your brain on for selling, to insure that both the sides of the brain are active and empowering you. It is by using a process for brain integration called Educational Kinesiology…

Body Language
People watch body language every day to make decisions or judgements about another persons personality or level of attentiveness. What we conclude is not always what is real.

Close To The Customer; How Close Is Too Close?
Guerrillas depend on two secret weapons to gain the selling high ground: information and surprise. The more information you have about your clients and customers, the better you can serve their needs, and the more likely you are to get the sale.

Follow Up Strategies - Close Trade Show Sales
Mark Smith discusses four great strategies that you can use to maximize your trade show investment.

Building Trust In Customer Relationships
Build trust and you're on your way to building a long-lasting relationship with your customers. Trust is the basic framework for all customer/vendor relationships…

This article brings back the idea that management can perform miracles if they focus on helping people to realize their individual Images of Achievement within the organization.

Ten Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back
Orvel Ray Wison offers 10 guidelines to follow to ensure that your customers will keep coming back.

GUERRILLA SELLING TO ENGINEERS - How to Sell to Engineers So They Will Buy From You
Mark Smith as a trained engineer and 12 years of experience selling to engineers shows how engineers buy and sell. Show engineers how what you're offering fits into what they're doing now.

Your Most Powerful Sales Tool
Mastering the use of good questions is the salesperson's single most powerful interpersonal tool -- every aspect of your sales interactions will dramatically improve your results.

This article brings back the idea that management can perform miracles if they focus on helping people to realize their individual Images of Achievement within the organization.

One of the reasons for the public's negative view of salespeople is that they do all the talking. The guerrilla lets prospects do the talking, and uses the About-Face to keep the interview moving toward the order.

Select Trade Shows for Success
Mark Smith offers six strategies to select trade shows that will work for you. The first step to a successful show is to only attend shows that attract people who will buy what you sell.

How to Maximize the Power of a Sales Call
The sales call is the most critical point in your sales and marketing system and the ultimate test of your marketing program…

A Lesson From Life
This article discusses Alan Patching's personal involvement with the construction of the Olympic Stadium in Australia and what he observed regarding corporate politics.

The 10 Characteristics Of A Sales Guerrilla
It's a jungle out there. You are not paranoid; they really are out to get you. Doing business in the highly competitive environment of the 90's requires the boldness and ingenuity of a veteran commercial mercenary.

Trade Show Give-Aways That Work
Mark Smith's article discusses effective premiums and incentives for trade show give-aways. Any advertising specialty item should reflect the quality of your product and the good reputation of your firm.

How to Maximize the Power of a Sales Call
The sales call is the most critical point in your sales and marketing system and the ultimate test of your marketing program…

Applying Innovation To Grow Your Business
If your business is alive and well this time next year, or this time in five years, it might well be because you have followed, either actively or subconsciously, the Basic Entrepreneurial Model.

Sell Features, Advantages, And Benefits
Most people could care less about your association's products or services. They want to know what it can do for them; how it will solve some problem or help them achieve some business or career objective.

Trade Show Promotions That Bring in the Buyers
A strong pre-show promotion guarantees an exhibit flooded with buyers. Mark Smith offers three parts for the best pre-show promotions, each targeting specific buyers.

How to Close the Sale: You've Got to 'Open' Before You Can Close
"Opening" means using well designed and delivered questions to thoroughly uncover as many aspects of the buying decision as possible.

"No Matter How Busy You are, You Must Take Time to Make The Other Person Feel Important." -- Mary Kay Ash
Deb Haggarty dispels the myth that it takes too much time for managers and supervisors to make their employees feel important.

Lessons Learned From A Roman Street Vendor
All negotiations must be approached as win/win situations. Jack Pachuta discusses that with any skill, negotiations must be practiced and refined.

Trade Shows, Consumer Shows; Know the Difference and Profit
Trade shows and consumer shows require different approaches. Mark Smith offers specific strategies to succeed at each type of trade show.

Thinking About Sales: "How can I sell when I'm not the lowest price?"
There are a variety of answers -- too many for just one column. But, we can identify one of the most powerful ways to deal with this problem. "Low price" is not the main reason people buy!

Take Your PAL On All Sales Calls
I never forget my PAL™: the Purpose, Audience and Logistics of every sales call.

Twelve Strategies That Change How You Negotiate
We all use our negotiating powers to get what we want. Jack Pachuta offers 12 strategies that can make a difference in your next negotiation opportunity.

7 Habits Of Highly Technical Salesmanship
Curt Tueffert offers the professional salesperson 7 habits of technical salesmanship. Technical selling requires a firm understanding of the entire technical selling process.

Thinking About Sales: The Impenetrable Account
In this article Dave expalins how to get an account away from your competition.

The 2% Differential - The Difference That Makes The Difference
Steven Drozdeck discusses the key attributes necessary for long-term success in sales and marketing throughout the world.

What! I Have to Give a Speech? How Do I Begin?
Dr. Ken Snyder's article provides students as well as adults with a very easy method for constructing a speech. He developed the S-MAP, Speaker's Master Action Plan, which can easily build a speech using only six main ingredients.