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"Tips on Attending Trade Show Sales"
Trade shows are a great way to learn about your industry. Christine Corelli shares some tips to help make trade show visits more productive.

The RSVP Problem: Mingling in the Millennium
Susan RoAne discusses that the lack of awareness and ignorance of a R.S.V.P. can impact your career. She offers etiquette and some remedies when responding to a R.S.V.P.

Manage By Mobilizing
Jody Urquhart discusses the importance and benefits of creating an environment that empowers people.

Recycling Human Assets - Personnel Trend Of The Future?
Some of the best candidates for available positions in your company could be right under your nose. Promoting from within is relatively easy when you're talking about top performers…

Patience Not Panic: Survive and Thrive Through Economic Turbulence
Innovation, engaged and talent-focused employees, customer-focused products and services and a deeply shared commitment to find ways for meaningful contribution carry the day.

Firing Without the Headache or Heartache
Is there a way to fire people that doesn't make them defensive? Are there techniques you can use that will make them choose to leave without hating you or the company?

Managing Conflicts
I think that managing conflict is like learning to ride a bicycle - it's easy when you get some help balancing, and practice, practice, practice!

Reconsider What Training Means…
Lenny Laskowski discuses as instructors we need to be LEARNER ORIENTED instructors and improve what skills we have to improve the learning process for our students. Training should be an enjoyable experience.

Be Fair and Use the Triage Principle to Make Ideas More Effective
Michael Stahl talks about the importance of treating everyone in the company fairly. Giving employees appreciation will take your company to the next level of success.

How to Create Organizational Trust
By following Eileen Brownell's techniques you can create trust within your organization. She shows that everyone must establish their credibility and reputation as trustworthy individuals repeatedly.

Michelin Man Seeks Tire Nirvana
Why it's essential to understand the difference you make through your work.

The Art Of Profit Prevention
Profit Prevention Managers are the ones who invent and later enforce the profit prevention policies that make it so difficult for those around them to be productive employees.

Uncovering Soul in the Workplace
Workers are no longer willing to rent themselves to a job to survive to the weekend. Rather, this term "soul" implies looking for a deeper purpose behind work other than just gaining a paycheck…

A Tip for A Successful Team
Whether you are running a sales division, a credit control department, marketing department, or warehouse, 'team' is what matters.

Can You Scare Motivation Into People?
Zig Ziglar offers advice for motivating people without using fear as a tactic.

Guerrillas Market By Mobilizing New Recruits
Many association officers often complain that when there's work to be done, it's always the same people doing it. Activation of new members is one of the most critical elements of guerrilla marketing for associations.

Communicate Your Way to Success With The RIGHT Attitude
Michael Stahl discusses the importance of communicating with employees on a weekly basis to ensure a positive attitude. Positive recognition and appreciation will motivate employees to work harder.

How to Gain Control of Anger in the Workplace
Eileen Brownell offers techniques that can help you deal with employees or co-workers whose conflict may escalate into anger. To defuse anger in the workplace requires learning simple conflict resolutions techniques that virtually anyone can learn.

Rules That BLIND - Be more effective with fewer rules.
Are rules and red tape really necessary? Some companies have rules for everything from holidays to bathroom breaks…

Low Unemployment: Catalyst For Excellence Or Excuse For Failure?
There are plenty of good skill, attitude, and personality assessment tools that an employer can use to build models of jobs and measure individuals against those jobs.

Retaining Employees and Customers Is A Family Affair
Conversation that allows people to feel a "family" connection is a connection that recalls the fact that commerce was traditionally an intimate affair.

It's Not Just What You Say … It's What You Radiate
First impressions are lasting impressions. In fact, it's not what you say; it's what you radiate that counts. Many studies show that only 7% of the message that people perceive comes from the words you use….

Guerrillas Market By Mobilizing New Recruits
Many association officers often complain that when there's work to be done, it's always the same people doing it. Activation of new members is one of the most critical elements of guerrilla marketing for associations.

Handle Hiring With An Educated Approach
Michael Stahl offers some ways to handle the hiring process that can save time and money. Also ten important questions about a job candidate a manager must consider before hiring.

How to Make a Difference by Focusing on the Positive
Eileen Brownell's eight simple techniques can turn a negative customer into a positive one. How fast you respond to a situation and the attitude you and your staff display, can turn negative customers into positive walking advertisements.

Tip-toe the Tightrope of Trust - A manager's guide to success
Is trust affecting your bottom line? Judy Urquhart highlights a few things companies do that kill the trust factor.

Hire And Hope . . . Is That Your Plan For Growth?
Sure it's easy to complain and say that there aren't enough applicants to be overly particular. After all, low unemployment is real and the excuse is a valid one.

Integrating And Implementing Technology: Full versus Progressive Integration
It's a love hate relationship. People love what technology can do for them, but they hate the actual processes of converting and initially implementing that technology…

OUTCOME THINKING: Getting the results without putting on the boxing gloves
"Remember that when you come at a person with a strong emotion, they will usually react in accordance with that emotion and not with the outcome you desire."

Guerrillas NaB & CaPTuRe New Customers
The guerrilla's secret weapons are information and surprise. They learn as much as possible about the prospect's needs, budget and ability to make a commitment, and do the unusual, the unexpected, the exceptional.

Help to Create Ideas And Let People Know WHY They Should Do Something For THEM
Michael Stahl suggests that if team members have problems generating solid ideas, offer them incentives. Developing a system, like a "scoreboard” will let them know where they stand.

How to Work With Difficult People
Eileen Brownell takes a look at different types of difficult peoples and how to deal with their behavior. To understand an individual's behavior, we must first know what motivates them.

Your BOLD Service Mentality - Make service your top priority
People keep the service mentality alive, so create a system that is flexible to them. Have a clear and compelling vision that inspires.

Hide-And-Seek . . . Russian Roulette… And Your Hiring Process
Employers have no choice but to protect themselves. It's imperative that they do all within their power to gather the information they need to make sound hiring decisions…

Leading With Vision And A Plan: Not Just for Management
In business, management tends to seldom marry the two as a method of developing its employees or its company objectives. Moore's law dictates that technology will double in speed every 18 months…

A Message From Zig Ziglar
This article offers encouragement for leaders to learn how to effectively communicate with their employees and colleagues.

Flying In The Face of Competition
How do you fight back when you're outnumbered and outspent? Southwest does it by re-defining the competitive battlefield.

Practical Ways to Avoid Burnout and Put Fun Back Into Your Life!
With the fast pace of modern day society, many Americans suffer from chronic nervousness, panic attack and phobias; people have less time and more frustrations. Michael Stahl offers some practical ways you can avoid and overcome burnout.

Keeping on Track: Rules for Effective Teams
Eileen Brownell offers 15 rules for effective teams in the workplace. It is important that we take the time to examine effective teams and their characteristics.

Mergers, Acquisitons And Partnerships
IT IS THE PEOPLE within the organisation who must implement the consolidation, merge the cultures and achieve the intended goals…

Building Business by Building Rapport
For customer service providers, it is just as critical to listen as to speak. Is there an art to being a good listener? Absolutely. Does it come naturally? I think not…

7 Stars On A Scale Of 1 To 5: Excellence in Customer Service
The Burj Al Arab. The impossible realized. Imagine creating a business that has excelled to the point that it surpasses the highest quality rating available in its industry! The

How to be an ambassador of Great Customer Care
Recently I had two examples of customer care…

Guerrilla Management And The New Business Ethics
No more "business as usual." Managers in both the public and private sectors are struggling to define new boundaries of what's right and correct, fighting to curb waste, fraud, and inefficiency.

Understand Personalities and Explain Things In The Language Individual People Understand
Michael Stahl suggests taking the time to get to know your employees as people, not just as numbers. You can develop a better understanding of how to motivate employees.

Survive and Thrive in the New Millennium with Employee Training
Eileen Brownell examines some of the benefits and reasons why you may want to consider revamping and extending your existing employee training program.

"An Ear To Hear" Finding Out What Your Workers Really Think
Marcia Zidle discusses what organizations can do to stem the tide of workers, who are here today, and gone tomorrow.

Bye, Bye Boo Bird
Patti Hathaway emphasizes that when you encourage those around you to become Change Agents rather than Change Victims, you will be valued as a Cheerleader.

The Object Is To Win: Sales Strategies
David Goldsmith discusses why the management of both marketing and sales is most likely the single most important aspect of being in business.

Coaching the Terrorist on your Team
On my first trip canoe trip I remembered to bring a six-pack of my favorite beverage, but had no way to keep it cool. It was a relatively hot day and the sun was warming the cans quickly…

Hiring Sales Guerrillas
The best predictor of future sales behavior is current sales behavior. This guerrilla approach to screening sales applicants gives you an opportunity to observe their sales skills before putting them in front of a prospect.

How To Clobber The Competition
It's a jungle out there. Associations must defend themselves from competition just like any other business…

What Does Your Card Say?
Don Cooper discusses that your business card is your most fundamental marketing piece. He offers a list of 10 dos and don'ts to see if your card needs a makeover.

The Service Difference: Leadership
Leadership is a key element to make an organization effective. Eileen Brownell examines qualities a leader in the 21st Century will need.

Hiring Winners: Avoiding "Bad Hires"
"Picking people for a job is like going to the store to buy apples,” according to management consultant Harry Levinson.…

There is Only One Boss: The Customer
In business today, there is only one boss - the customer. Sh/e can fire everybody from the CEO down simply by spending his/her money elsewhere…

Thinking About Sales: What's The Competition Up To
"I'm concerned about what my competition may be doing. I know I should be aware of what they're doing, but I'm not sure how I can find that out."

The Real Reason Employees Work: 36 Proven Ways To Motivate - Part I
Motivating employees is one of the most important challenges managers face today. With increased competition and changing attitudes, having motivated employees is crucial to increased productivity and the ultimate success of a company.

Programming Gives Your Members The Edge
Successful people are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to sharpen their competitive edge. Association members attend your meetings and read your newsletters to sharpen their skills, and gain the competitive high ground.

NETWORKING: Your Most Valuable Marketing Tool
Recognizing some fundamental truths about networking will help you be more successful at it. By following Don Cooper's rules diligently, you can, over time, become a powerful net worker.

The Power of a Vision ... A Leader's Journey
Give your employees accountability and encourage their willingness to give you ideas to support your vision, and you will have employees that will be committed to your vision and your organization.

Retention Hooks For Keeping Knowledge Workers
Marcia Zidle explains how you can keep your highly skilled and valuable workers from jumping ship and going to a competitor.

The Customer Doesn't Always Ring Twice: Making Seamless Changes to Keep Customers Loyal
Organizations today are undergoing massive changes. Changes which include reorganizations, re-engineering, downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, software and hardware changes, new management . . .

Thinking About Sales: "How can I sell more when I have so much to do?"
You have new products to learn, paperwork to complete, hundreds of customer problems to solve, meetings to attend, inside people to cojole, managers to mollify

The Real Reason Employees Work: 36 Proven Ways To Motivate - Part II
If you still think money is the #1 motivator ... your wrong! Money is important, but if someone doesn't like their job or the way they are treated, I don't care how much you pay them, they still won't like it.

A Crash Course In Customer Recourse
Keeping customers satisfied is tough enough even when you provide top-quality products and never-let-you-down service. But sometimes your best efforts just aren't enough. Where do guerrillas draw the line when the customer complains?

Energize Your Efforts And Your Employees - OR - Practicing Safe Stress At Work
Communication, recognition, and reward are critical to creating an energizing, enthusiastic, and enjoyable workplace. Gail Howerton offers some tips on practicing safe stress at work.

Customer Service Online – What You MUST Know
If you think customers are demanding, you are right! Customers used to doing business in a corporeal world expect accurate and prompt information and service. New technologies are also demanding.

Hiring Winners: Selecting The Right Person
How do you as a manager, supervisor or team leader choose a winner? One very successful interviewing technique is behavioral interviewing…

The Cornerstone of Business Success: Building Your Repeat and Referral Business
Patti Hathaway discusses the two things that are essential in building your business: (1) You must have a product or service that fills a need, (2) You must build rapport with potential customers so you can find out what their need is and fill it.

Thinking About Sales: Using the Internet & automation as tools for salespeople
Will the Internet cause the death of the outside salesperson? So what's the answer? Like most others, I have to admit that I don't know. It is certainly possible that some aspects of today's outside sales jobs will be replaced by point-and-click…

Motivated Employees = More Sales
To help you provide the recognition, appreciation and rewards that truly motivate, here are thirty-six inexpensive but effective ideas that you can use immediately:

The Service Attitude
Michael LeBeouf, in his best-seller, The Greatest Management Principle in the World , says that any behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated…

F2 - Fun and "F"ectiveness - The Keys to Energize Your Enterprise
Creating a workplace that promotes peak performance through playful professionalism makes good business sense in these stressful times. Gail Howerton shares some of the most important keys to increase personal energy.

Critical Skills For Business Growth In A Hyper Fast Economy
Customers want and expect the best value now, for every transaction, regardless of what comes later. If you want to keep your customers' attention then you need to deliver a compelling experience of value at every transaction…

Motivating Your People: Your Drawerful of $100 Bills
Marcia Zidle explains how you can obtain consistent, high performance from the people you manage, coach, lead, and supervise.

The Critic's Corner Shouldn't be Lonely
Perhaps if managers would take the time to plan well-thought-out praises and criticisms, we would have a less disgruntled and unmotivated workforce today…

Thinking About Sales: Managing Information
"I'm spending more and more time dealing with information. It's squeezing out my selling time." Welcome to the information age...

Mistake of the Month Club
Remember, fail early, fail often, fail cheap and fail forward.

Incentive, or performance based compensation, is nothing new. Commission plans for salespeople are common because their productivity is so easy to document.

4 Secrets Of Strong Companies
Curt Tueffert has four secrets to succeed, to be a strong company in today's economy. He challenges you to review your 2001 Business Plan and see where you have added Passion, Focus, Teamwork and Fun.

Success Favors Attitudes Of Innovation, Anticipation, And Mass Customization
Don Price discussing 5 operational processes for handling the demands of your customers.

Lessons From Innovative Companies
Marcia Zidle discusses how a manager or team leader can cultivate and harvest innovation in their organization.

Change is a Many Splintered Thing (Part 1 of 2)
Patti Hathaway discusses 5 ways that most people resist change.

For CEO's: How to Model Self-Directed Learning for Your Organization
The challenge for every CEO is to transform his/her organization into a learning organization. Self-directed learning is the fundamental skill necessary for individuals and organizations to survive and prosper in our turbulent times…

Get Silly, Will Ya'!
Zig Ziglar explains the impact that laughter and humor can provide for you in three different ways.

We've Got To Stop Meeting Like This!
Jack Pachuta offers five guidelines to consider for a successful company meeting. You will save time and effort, as your meetings become events that are approached with positive, constructive feelings by all attendees.

Office Politics: Are You a Naysayer?
Susan RoAne shares some strategies to increase your political savvy quotient. A keen sense of office politics can have a dramatic effect on our businesses and careers.

Freaked Out or Cool as a Cucumber? What is your stress response?
Shelle Rose Charvet discusses the three patterns that people fall into at work: feelings, choice, and thinking. Find out what your pattern is.

Is Celebration Part of Your Company?
Think celebrations and bring play, purpose and profit at work!

The 3 Costliest Merger Mistakes and 4 Ways to Avoid Them
Patti Hathaway offers sound advice on how to inform your employees honestly about your merger.

Is It Time to Revise Your Sales Compensation Plan?
If you're paying your sales reps straight commission, you're using an obsolete formula. If you're paying your sales reps a straight salary, you're also using an obsolete formula.

The Secret of Professional Success: Positive Communications
Eileen O. Brownell suggests techniques on important communication basics for any successful business person. Failure to use any one of them and your message may not to hit the mark.

Managing Modernity
Equip yourself and your staff with skills for the new world that is rapidly descending upon us, put mind-body training high on your agenda. Training in mind-body processes like "the relaxation response" helps everyone to cope better.

Schmooze Quiz: What's Your SCHMOOZE QUOTIENT?
To survive in the workplace, these days you need to network. Susan RoAne has a quiz to find out if you're a world-class schmoozer.

Is your Workforce Proactive or Reactive?
Proactive people initiate...Reactive people wait for others to initiate or until the situation is right before they act...Most people and most positions require a mixture of the two patterns…

CHIEF OF STAFF: How Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
Derrick Watkins identifies what you need to know in order to be a great supervisor or manager - A willingness to inspire your employees to work for you because they want to not because they have too.

Turn Whine into the Bottom-Line
Remember the old adage, "No pain, no gain!". That is true of organizations in change as well -- there will be employee pain before there is organizational gain…

How to Spot a Potential Star Salesperson: "Six qualities of superstar salespeople"
Want to make your job much easier? Want to look like a hero to your boss? Want to make the best single decision you'll ever make as a sales manager?

Communicating In Times of Change
The effective management of Change has become an imperative. It is not enough to think in terms of clichés such as: "Things are changing faster than they've ever Changed before."

Finding Beauty In The Beast
Christine Corelli's article offers tips that can help you to communicate in a confident, competent and non-combative way when dealing with a difficult person or situation.

Still Fed Up with Feedback, Or, Who Asked You Anyway?
Susan RoAne discusses unsolicited advice and feedback is unwarranted and unwanted. She talks about that it is important to have a perception check and to have a person you trust tell you the truth.

PR Professional as Media Trainer
The age of overcommunication in which we currently practice public relations makes "cutting through the noise" a practitioner's most difficult challenge...

Low Unemployment Calls For Flexibility, Not Suffering
Employers in many areas are finding applicant pools sparsely populated if not completely void of the most desirable candidates because of record low unemployment…

Toxic Associates
These people are pretty easy to spot, on paper. But understanding them in the heat of battle is a lot more difficult. You will need to develop skills around understanding other people's motivation…

Is Telemarketing Feasible For My Business?
Telemarketing, perhaps more than any other media, requires a commitment from management to resources and time to make it work.

Making Stone Soup
I'll admit it. I'm nothing but a kid at heart. I'm continually astounded by the world around us and tend not to take things for granted. I received a fax yesterday and watched with sincere amazement…

"How to Create a High Performance Workplace Through the Midst of Change"
Christine Corelli discusses methods to help yourself and your people adapt to new procedures and overwhelming demands when your company is consolidated or going through change. There are five stages that people go through to assimilate change.

Susan RoAne's Ten Top Tips For Mingling at Trade Shows, Meetings and Conventions
Susan RoAne has ten tips for attending trade shows, meetings or conventions.

Caught In The Act - How to acknowledge people without turning them off
Everybody likes to be acknowledged and appreciated for their efforts. Or do they? Most companies have a formal way of acknowledging employees with such things as annual award banquets, top sales awards and certificates…

Are You Busy . . . Or Productive?
Mason Duchatschek asks: Are your salespeople spinning their wheels? Are they spending time, money, and energy keeping busy or producing results? If you're not sure, be on the lookout.

Ideas for Employee Retention
Eileen McDargh discusses seven of the most popular worker retention strategies.

On Fielding a Directable Sales Force
Do you have a directable sales force? Directable means that your sales force can be counted on to quickly, thoroughly and positively carry out your directions…

How to Lead and Influence Change
We need a new way to look at leadership. You see, leadership is no longer a position, it is a way of thinking. So whether you are a secretary, a foreman, a sales person or an executive you all should be leaders.

You (Don't) Take Your Eyes Off The Goal
Jack Donahue emphasizes the importance of never ever forget the ultimate goal!