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Expanding Your Business

Create a Network of Colleagues, Cronies, Clients and Friends
Susan RoAne offers a few timely tips for creating a network. Networking is a reciprocal process in which you share ideas, leads, information, advice, brainstorming, etc.

Retention is Priceless!
One web site: $10,000 - A banner advertising campaign on Yahoo: $5,000 - A 1-year web hosting package: $1,200 - The ability to retain your web site visitors: Priceless

The 10 Most Common Marketing Mistakes
Orvel Ray Wison discusses 10 of the most common marketing mistakes.

Susan RoAne's article shows the Dos and DON'Ts when mingling at the Company's Holiday Party. Remember that Holiday Company Parties are still business.

Just Do It!
Creativity is important, but means nothing if you don't take action on your ideas. Innovation is the act of implementing your creative ideas.

Marketing Yourself To Scorekeepers
One of the ten deadly sins of marketing is "Believing that you don't have to market." Guerrillas know that these days, building a better mousetrap isn't enough.

How Not to Be a Networker: The Don'ts and How to Avoid Being a Sleaze
To improve our communication, relationships and networking know-hows, Susan RoAne has put together a compilation of ideas, tips and suggestions.

9 Strategies to Position Yourself for Greater Profits
Arnold Sanow offers advice on how to make your company a business that people will seek out by following 9 steps.

"Movin On Up . . . Moving Your Business to the Next Level"
If you are to grow your business, you need to take the time to analyze it and look for opportunities to expand. Christine Corelli discusses some key things to ask yourself when you want to propel your business forward.

Nuances of Networking: A Savvy Approach for the Next Century
Susan RoAne has Ten Commandments of connecting. She discusses how we behave is as crucial as knowing the unwritten rules which must be followed.

15 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business This Year
Jim Cathcart offers 15 tips on improving the following aspects of business: growing existing markets, market presence, new markets, inner circle (your closest contacts), virtual work force, image, and growing your industry.

"Survival of the Finest in the 21st Century - Sales Success in the New Millennium"
Technology has leveled the playing field because it is has given many smaller businesses the ability to communicate and manufacture more rapidly. Christine Corelli offers advice on how we can survive in the fast-moving business world of the 21st Century.

RoAne Unplugged: A Speaker Speaks Out!
Susan RoAne discusses that we need to be consummate learners; the vessels of information, ideas, research and awareness. She shares a few things that she has learned after being in business for over 18 years.

Enhancing the User Experience
This concept is redefining the rules of traditional advertising on the Internet and opening a whole new realm of interacting with your web site visitors.

"Survival of the Finest in the 21st Century"
For many people, adapting to change can be difficult. Christine Corelli offers a few tips you can do to help yourself and others adapt to change.

Savvy Networking: Who you Gonna Call?
Networking is the act or process of informally sharing information or support. Susan RoAne offers some secrets into networking successfully.

Effective Networking: Personality Partnering
Networking is no longer the "good ol' boys" club nor is it appropriate to pass your business card out to everyone you meet. Networking is a much more savvy market today.

"The Customer of the Future - Will Tomorrow's Customers Be Yours?"
Christine Corelli discusses what the business or leisure customer of the future will expect from you. She can help make sure that you've positioned yourself to one of the winners.

Customer Care@E-Commerce
Eileen Brownell takes a look at some ways to win customer service on the World Wide Web. The web has become a vital, intricate and necessary tool for businesses.

Stay Focused!
With over 300 million web pages (New York Times, 9 April 1998) currently on the web and the number of web users rising, the Internet marketplace is in full steam.

Be Fair and Use the Triage Principle to Make Ideas More Effective
Michael Stahl talks about the importance of treating everyone in the company fairly. Giving employees appreciation will take your company to the next level of success.

I have been telling business people in our seminars "It's war out there!” And the people with the best strategy and tactics, together with the best troops win the war.

13 Platinum Ideas to make Teaser Copy Work in your E-mail, Fax messages & Direct Mail
Teaser copy is the copy printed on the outer envelope of your mail package. Or as a "headline" of your fax-flyer. In both instances you're looking for high readership. So, will the teaser help - or hurt?

How to be an ambassador of Great Customer Care
Recently I had two examples of customer care…

How to Build Traffic to YOUR Web Site
Jeff Senne, a Web Presence provider/consultant discusses goals and objective to getting more qualified traffic to visit your site. He includes some interactive tools to incorporate in your Web site.

How To Lose Money In The Stock Market
Gary Wollin discusses the three rules for losing the most money in the shortest time and five rules for stock market success.

Developing a Winning Marketing Audit
Before investing time and money into various marketing strategies, it's essential to complete a marketing audit to better understand yourself and your customers.

How to Create a Profit Generating Business Website
Jeff Senne offers a few basic steps to creating a successful Web site. In addition, he and Wally Bock have found six basic models that people are using on the Net to increase profits.

Thinking about starting your own business? Let me talk you out of it!
Rhonda F. Waters wants to make sure that you have realistic ideas about what owning your own business means.

The Almighty Freebie!
Let's look at three ways to strengthen the ever-so-famous "freebie" offer.

Three Action Strategies for Using Net Technology in YOUR Business
Jeff Senne's article offers three strategies for cost-effective ways of improving your profits. He gives examples of company's that use the Web, intranets and extranets to boost their Net Income.

Don't Shrink – RETHINK!
Now is the time to pull together and think creatively about our businesses. When times are easy, unfortunately, we often lose the edge to monitor performance, to question out-dated procedures and unnecessary expenses…

Lasagna Grenades and other Customer Service Problems
The measure of a company and its relationship with customers is not when things go well, but when they go wrong…

(PROFESSIONAL) Image Is Everything -- For Home-Based Businesses
Don Cooper offers specific steps to develop and maintain a professional image. It is extremely important that your prospects know that you are a professional.

Making Profitable Lemonade From Lemons!
Ms. McDargh asks this question, "What might you do to involve employees, community, and untapped resources that could generate short, mid-term, and long terms gains?" And uses a great example of the positive effects and possibilities when you do.

10 steps to making your networking work
Every time you meet another person there is an opportunity to do business. By sharing ideas, leads, contacts and opportunities everyone prospers.

Sell More By Giving Things Away
Don Cooper's article shows what you can give away to encourage people to buy from you. He has 25 ideas that will help you get started.

Customer Relationships: Differentiation and Exceeding Expectations
The talk around the business community is how to capture market share, find new customers and keep existing customers..+.

Marketing Beyond the Browser!
The struggles involved in marketing a web site over the Internet continue for many as the number of web pages continues to escalate.

What Does Your Card Say?
Don Cooper discusses that your business card is your most fundamental marketing piece. He offers a list of 10 dos and don'ts to see if your card needs a makeover.

Come Home Rich: How to Get the Most out of Your Next Conference
Advance your skills by attending conferences. This helpful article illustrates how to get the most of a conference or seminar.

Competing With Super-Stores And Discounters
You are not paranoid; they really are out to get you. Warehouse stores like Sam's, Price Club, Bizmart and Office Depot are doing their damnedest to steal your customers. And they're gaining ground.

How to Tape Your Programs
Mark Smith gives a lot of good reasons why you should tape your programs, all of which will make you more money.

The True Value of Value-Added Customer Service
If you want to win the respect and loyalty of your customer, take personal responsibility for solving the problem without handing it off to someone else. If this means you have to do research, check with another department, or ask a supervisor, fine.

4 Secrets Of Strong Companies
Curt Tueffert has four secrets to succeed, to be a strong company in today's economy. He challenges you to review your 2001 Business Plan and see where you have added Passion, Focus, Teamwork and Fun.

Do You Have A Great Customer Service System?
Great customer service, the kind that makes a customer say "Wow! doesn't just happen on its own.

Clobber Competitors With 800 Firepower
A customer has a question or problem. A reporter wants information about your company for a story. Someone wants an estimate right away. Guerrillas make it easy for them to call.