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Ring up More Sales With Your Telephone
By Arnold Sanow   Printer Friendly Version

You can sell virtually anything over the telephone. For example, following up a mailing with a phone call can increase your response by 10%. You can also boost the response of your print and media ad campaigns using the phone lines. Like all sales, telemarketing is a numbers game and you're going to have to "kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince or a princess." You can handle the phones yourself, use in-house telemarketers or hire a telemarketing firm. Consider using telemarketing specialists for lead generation. By increasing the pool of qualified leads, you'll boost productivity because your sales people will be able to sell instead of prospecting. Whether taking calls or making calls, these ideas will help you increase sales and profits.

Winning Telephone Tips

Answer the phone on the second or third ring
Answering on the first ring makes you appear too anxious. Answering on the second or third ring shows that your company is on the ball.

Answer with enthusiasm.
If you're not enthusiastic about your products and services, no one else will be. People are more convinced by your enthusiasm than by anything else.

Smile when you talk.
Smiling, subconsciously makes you more upbeat. And people can really tell by your tone if you're smiling or not. To make sure you keep that smile, put a mirror next to your phone. In fact, one telephone company puts a mirror next to each one of its operators' desks.

Never start off with an apology
You lose control and it dilutes your message.

Sit up or stand up when talking
This opens your diaphragm and allows your voice to sound natural and distinct.

Introduce your company and then yourself
Never ask someone his or her name until you introduce yourself.

Match their speaking speed when talking
People communicate best with people who are like them. To persuade, motivate and influence others, match the communication ingredients that they feel are important.

Limit your own talking
The more the other person is talking the better the chance that you will close the sale. In addition, by listening you can find out what he or she really wants and hear any possible objections.

Use open-ended questions
By asking more than just yes and no questions you can gather more information regarding the caller's needs.

Use the caller's name
As Dale Carnegie says, "The sweetest thing to any person is the sound of their name."

Keep attention on the caller
Eliminate the words, "I", "me", "mine" and replace them with "you" and "we."

Keep your promises
If you say you're going to call someone back in an hour …do it! In fact, so many people fail to call people back in a timely manner that if you do this you'll look great.

Picture the person in your mind
Treat each phone call as if it were a face-to-face meeting. By picturing the person in your mind, you become more focused; you really hear the other person and your thoughts are clearer.

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