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A Message From Zig Ziglar
By Zig Ziglar   Printer Friendly Version

Leaders Are Communicators

In many ways, effective communication begins with mutual respect, communication that inspires, encourages, or instructs others to do their best.

When you respect people, you will never be rude to them. Consequently, by treating them with respect, you get cooperation, enthusiastically given instead of grudgingly given. Respected individuals are going to work harder to become peak performers, wanting to do more and more.

If people like you, they will work harder for you. If they don't like you, they might work to keep their jobs, but they won't really be giving the effort they're capable of giving.

People might perform to keep their jobs because duty and responsibility demand that they do a job well. But love and encouragement enable people to do work beautifully.

When you communicate to people that you genuinely like and respect them, and follow that up with consistency of action, you establish rapport with and confidence in your people that will make a difference.

Communication is not necessarily an easy skill to learn, but it really begins with seriously listening to what the other person says.

By listening with respect, you will learn things that can make a difference.

Consistency will be the result, and consistent performance is the key to excellence. Buy into and practice those concepts.

. . . Adapted from Zig Ziglar's book, Something To Smile About, available at your favorite bookstore. Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

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