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Quick Tip: Choosing a Dynamite Opener
By Bill Wilson   Printer Friendly Version

Every presentation has three parts: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Both the Introduction and the Conclusion should start or end, respectively, with an attention-getting opener that gets the audience's attention at the beginning and gives them something to think about at the conclusion.

For example, I once spoke to a group of building contractors in an attempt to solicit their support for workers compensation legislation. As you will learn elsewhere in this section, if you want your audience to take action, you must appeal to them from their perspective, not yours...in other words, WIIFM.

Therefore, when each attendee came into the room, they were randomly given a blue card and a red card in a 2:1 ratio. They were not told what the cards were for, but they were to hang onto them until later in the program. When my topic and I were introduced, I asked everyone with a red card to stand up. I then made the direct statement that that's how many of them would be out of business within five years if this legislation was not passed...but I was going to tell them what they could do to prevent this from happening (problem/solution). Think that got their attention? You'd better believe it! And, I had a rapt audience for the next 20 minutes.

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