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Quick Tip: Preparation Time
By Bill Wilson   Printer Friendly Version

When you are developing a brand new presentation, plan on spending 1 hour of preparation time for each minute of presentation time. In other words, if you are speaking for 20 minutes, you should invest 20 hours in research, development, organizing, outlining, fleshing out, and rehearsing your presentation. Sound like a lot of time? It is, but it's necessary if you want to delivery a dynamite presentation.

Most people have no idea how much time is required to put together a presentation or seminar. For that reason, I only speak on subjects where I'm sure, if I invest the time to construct a program from scratch, I'll be able to deliver the same or a similar version to other groups. The most well known speakers have only a handful of presentations. As Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said, "I give the same mashed potatoes for each speech, I just change the gravy."

If you will invest the time to thoroughly research your subject, you'll find that you can develop several presentations from the material you've gathered. As you give the same or similar talks in the future, you'll find that "changing the gravy" will require perhaps only an hour of preparation for each five minutes of presentation.

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