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Managing the Impact of Change - Part 2
By Peter de Jager   Printer Friendly Version

The Laws of Change

In General

  • Change Hurts.
  • Change is here to stay.
  • Rate of Change is exponential.
  • Yesterday looks better.
  • Tomorrow is unknown.
  • We don't remember Pain, if we did, we'd all be lonely children.
  • The Future is always uncertain... and has less 'weight' than today.

Status Quo

  • An object in motion, will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force.
  • The Status Quo is Boring.
  • The Status Quo is Safe.
  • Change is more about letting go of the past, than grabbing hold of the Future.
  • The Status Quo is an Illusion.
  • Nor is it an Option...
  • Status Quo is Temporary.

The Foreign Element

  • Whatever can go wrong... will... and at the worst possible time.
  • We are 'Change Inflictors' not 'Change Agents'.
  • Creative Change arises from Internal Foreign Elements.


  • People who resist Change are your partners in the Process.
  • Denial is not conscious.
  • Resistance takes Energy.
  • It's okay, normal and natural, to ask ""What's in it for me?""
  • People don't like losing control.


  • Change takes time.
  • Chaos cannot reduce to zero.
  • Incompetence is Normal.
  • If at first you don't succeed, you're trying something new.
  • Chaos is Noisy.


  • Integration is sneaky.
  • It's Darkest before Dawn.

New Status Quo

  • The Status Quo is Temporary.
Reprinted with permission of the Author, (C) 2000, Peter de Jager pdejager@year2000.com

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