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Managing the Impact of Change - Part 4
By Peter de Jager   Printer Friendly Version

When you do something new, you're not going to do it well. It doesn't matter how smart, or rich, or confident you are... you're gonna feel incompetent.

Any real change in your life is going to place you into situations where you don't know how to act. If you're like me, that'll make you feel uncomfortable.

Before you can feel comfortable again, you'll have to learn new things. Learning takes time. The bigger the change... the more time you'll need.

All change has one thing in common... it forces you to learn. It forces you to grow.

Are you looking forward to a change? Like getting married, or promoted, or leaving your job? Or are you dreading a change? Like... getting married, or promoted, or leaving your job? In either case... be prepared for some learning. Be prepared for some perfectly normal 'discomfort.'

Reprinted with permission of the Author, (C) 2000, Peter de Jager pdejager@year2000.com

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