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"Tips on Attending Trade Show Sales"
By Christine Corelli   Printer Friendly Version

Attending a trade show???

Trade shows are often the best forum to view new products, make new contacts, develop relationships, make purchasing decisions, and learn about your industry. Here a some tips to help make your trade show visit more productive.

  • Eat light and rest up for a few days prior to the show.
  • Before the show, prioritize a list of whom you want to visit. Set up appointments in advance if possible. Decide what you need to know for your future plans.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and put Dr. Scholl's inserts in them. You'll be glad you did. Take an anti-inflammatory type medication such as ibuprofen in the morning to prevent swelling. Avoid excessive salt and alcohol, and drink plenty of water.
  • Arrive early to avoid lines. Register, pick up your badge and relax over a healthy breakfast before the show opens.
  • Take a quick walk down the aisles, previewing the show, and make note of the exhibits you wish to explore.
  • If you have a problem you'd like to solve, come prepared with questions you need answered.
  • To maximize time spent with vendors, be direct and assertive when communicating.
  • If you get caught by a long-winded sales person, don't be afraid to politely interrupt them, and remind them you have a lot more to see at the show.
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities with people who do the same thing you do for a living to share ideas and industry knowledge.
  • Don't forget to meet lots of people and have fun!

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