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Ten Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back
By Orvel Ray Wilson   Printer Friendly Version

1. Do what you say you'll do, and more. Under-promise and over-deliver.

2. Personally follow-up with new customers. Make sure the product is delivered as promised and performs as expected.

3. Survey customers to discover their unfulfilled expectations and undisclosed needs. Then fill them.

4. Empower your front-line people to do whatever is necessary to satisfy an unhappy customer. On the spot.

5. Identify your up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Then train, train, train.

6. Do something special to reward your repeat customers. An invitation-only sale, a coupon mailing, or free service for a year.

7. Track response time in resolving customer complaints. Then shorten it.

8. Shop your own store; call your own office. Did you feel welcome, comfortable, and understood?

9. Watch your people, and reward them for providing exceptional service.

10. Make every employee feel unique, special, and appreciated. It's contagious.

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