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Delete Internal and External Clutter
By Gail Howerton   Printer Friendly Version

Do you know somebody who could just light up a room.... when they leave! Just delete them or they will drain all the living energy right out of your bones. Internal clutter resides in your mind and is all of the emotional and intellectual baggage we all carry around weighing us down.

Once we delete things such as secrets, dishonesty, guilt, and obligations; we can travel more lightly on our path to greater personal energy. Keeping track of such things can drain us and leave little else to work with when we try to add energy inserts into our lives.

External clutter is anything else in your life which does not bring you joy, and distracts you from your goals, focus, or fulfillment. These are all the things you must "dust around" such as: unread newspapers, knick knacks which don't hold meaning any more, a calendar crammed with obligatory dates which you were talked into; or too much stuff in your closet/garage/kitchen drawer which you will clean and purge "one of these days."

All of the clutter and "messalanea" acts as a distracter to you and consumes your energy which could be available to you or your family. Delete the excess clutter and things that bug you to make way for the human being inside the human doing.

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