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Escape For A Mental Health Break
By Gail Howerton   Printer Friendly Version

Physically fleeing the scene of stress does wonders to restore your personal energy. The relaxation, recuperation, and rejuvenation of your mental and physical capacities increase in proportion that the time and distance away from the scene of the crime (think Tahiti, Greece, Bermuda, etc...). However, when your reality check bounces and all you've got is your lunch break or 10 minutes between appointments; there is still something you can do.

My friends give me great insight into escaping stressful situations. Karen is continuously booked to the brim with counseling appointments. Karen's lunchtime escape is to eat a banana and take a stroll outside to throw away the peel, taking all of 10 minutes, but giving her some fresh air and movement. Kathie works at the Pentagon a few weeks per year which is a far different from her usual home office overlooking her garden. She escapes to the building's flower shop. She is surrounded by color, fragrance, and a different kind of air that is refreshing from the stale, climate-controlled office air.

Other mental escapes include creating a bulletin board or poster with magazine cutouts, called your treasure map. Gazing at it takes you to a different state of mind, and keeps you focused on your plan and possibilities. Placed in full view, it's a great escape even if just for a few seconds while you dial the phone.

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