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By Susan RoAne   Printer Friendly Version


Schmooze, Don't Lose: Small talk leads to big talk. Focus Your Conversation on the Event: The season is the reason. So, bring your O.A.R.
Observe -- The venue, food or entertainment "What wonderful ambience! And, the food is fabulous."
Ask -- The host or a guest "Have have you special plans for this last holiday season of the century?
Reveal -- Your ideas, thoughts, plans "My plans to be on the slopes for the holidays didn't pan out." Act Like A Host: Be interested; pay attention. Treat Spouses/Guests (yours and theirs) With Respect: Introduce them with enthusiasm. Remember That Holiday Company Parties Are Still Business: Dress and act appropriately.


  1. Don't Drink Excessively.
  2. Don't Assume Everyone Celebrates Christmas. (And if you don't, be gracious about the error.)
  3. Don't Touch Inappropriately: keep hands (and lips) to yourself; "hand"le with care and caution.
  4. Don't Have Your Party Go Up In Smoke: Light up ... the party ... not your cigar or cigarette.
  5. Don't Kvetch, Whine, Ridicule, Compete, Correct, Interrogate or Brag.

Based on Susan's book How To Work A Room


I composed a rhyme for a good reason
To wish you the joys of the season.
I want to send energy and much light
To ensure that your holidays be merry and bright.

RoAne, a bestselling author, you may assume.
My "first born" book, How To Work a Room...
Much in demand for many a meeting
Because business begins with a smile and a greeting...

Of colleagues, clients, cronies and strangers
In conventional settings which present NO dangers.
Because he (or she) who hesitates is truly lost
Shyness, so common, is a tempest to be tossed...

And it is! with humor, how-to , and practical tips
Many true stories; a few Freudian slips.
The results: attendees no longer are vexed.
They'll always know what to say next!

May you celebrate the holidays with much joy
Whether it's a "ho- ho -ho" or an "Oy- Oy -Oy".
So sip a cup of eggnog, hear the sleigh bells jingle.
May all your celebrations be ....a MERRY MINGLE.

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