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How to Work an Audience
By Susan RoAne   Printer Friendly Version

I. Identify the Roadblocks

A. "Don't Talk to Strangers"
Redefine Strangers

B. "Scarlet O'Hara Syndrome"
Have a planned self-introduction

C. The Prom King/Queen Complex
Move from guest to host

Pay Attention

II. Reap Rewards

A. Take Responsibility

B. Prepare a High Five

    1. Attitude
    2. Focus
    3. Cards
    4. Smile / Handshake
    5. Conversation


Have fun

"Act Like a Host"

III. Bonus Bon Mots

  • A self introduction is NOT a 30 second commercial. That is off-putting.
  • Remember we are not brain surgeons nor recipients of brain surgery. Get a perspective.
  • Cross the bridge to the 21st century and remember it has its tolls, trials and trolls.
  • Avoid "constructive criticism", it is a self-cancelling phrase.
  • Remember our roots - or people who are there will NEVER forget we forgot!
  • Attribute, attribute, attribute (The Mingling Maven, How to Work A...)
  • Trademark and register your work.
  • Networking is not sales and vise versa.
  • Earn other people's time, contacts, support.
  • Acknowledge...after the fact...or it can be construed as manipulation.
  • Believe 10% of what you hear at NSA (Drop a zero off of bragged fees).
  • Quit your day job...ONLY if you have a trust fund.
  • Be in the moment...
  • Pay attention to the audience...individually and as a group.
  • Have FUN...and the room works you.
  • Schmooze and win audiences...win clients, win colleagues and win friends.

Printer Friendly Version

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