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CHIEF OF STAFF: How Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance
By Derrick Watkins   Printer Friendly Version

Did you know that in order to be a great supervisor or manager, you must be willing to inspire your employees to work for you because they want to not because they have too?

But first, you must begin to think like and act like a coach, not a supervisor. Supervisors delegate, coaches motivate! A coach is someone who does what he can, where he is, with what he has, and is never satisfied. A coach takes time to properly prepare himself for the daily grind. How does a coach prepare himself?

  1. He has a positive mental attitude
    There is only one person in this world who can give you a healthy positive self-esteem-you! What you think of yourself and what you tell yourself, is what will determine your future. You and only you have the power over your attitude.
  2. Be the best coach you can be
    To be a good coach, you must set a great example. People will believe and trust what they see, not just what they hear. The better model you are for others, the easier it will be to coach them.
  3. Smile more!
    Smiles draw positive attention to you and make you feel at ease. Smiles inspire confidence in the person who is smiling and boost the confidence of the person who sees the smile. And, smiling builds your reputation as a winner!
  4. Listen while you lead
    Pay attention to details. Listen to what your staff is saying and not saying. By carefully listening to their verbal and non-verbal communication, you are showing them that you care about them. This will make it easier for you to listen and lead them into their greatness.

Coaches are needed more than ever. Your responsibility is to constantly develop, promote and motivate your employees to do more. So remember, "Do what you can, where you are, with what you have, and never be satisfied!"

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