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New Technology Eliminates Cold-Calling Stress And Eliminates Voice Mail As A Selling Obstacle
By Mason Duchatschek   Printer Friendly Version

Salespeople hate to make cold calls and business owners hate to take them. Now there's a way to eliminate stress on both ends of the line. Until now, voice mail had been a barrier between salespeople and customers. It can now be an advantage for both, thanks to a new sales approach called Direct Voice Mail Marketing.

An electronic device attaches to a phone to make it possible for inexperienced sales assistants to deliver pre-recorded messages into voice mail boxes of prospective clients that sound like the salespeople made the calls themselves. When used correctly, customers' voice mail boxes offer chances to leave uninterrupted commercials for even the most hard-to-reach decision makers.

This approach to selling eliminates a salesperson's exposure to rejection and expands the amount of contacts a salesperson can make in a day. Prospective clients can listen to the messages and decide if they are interested without being interrupted or pressured. Interested customers call back to request information or schedule appointments.

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