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7 Stars On A Scale Of 1 To 5: Excellence in Customer Service
By David Goldsmith   Printer Friendly Version

The Burj Al Arab. The impossible realized. Imagine creating a business that has excelled to the point that it surpasses the highest quality rating available in its industry! The Burj Al Arab is a hotel that surpassed the rating system created for the hotel industry. This facility was designated the first 7 Star hotel in the world. Not 6, but 7, on a scale of 1-5.

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, "The Burj" is the unmistakable leader, because it understands that it's the whole experience that makes the sale, not just elements. Marketers, designers, customer service, accounting-- everyone take note. If the hotel offered the best room service, they would not be the best in the world. If the suites were outfitted with all the amenities such as fax, phone, internet, wet bar, they still would not be number one.

What makes this all work is the package. They first started off with a concept to create the ultimate experience with no holds barred. The building itself is an architectural wonder, appearing to look like a sail or a "jib" to devout sailers. The building's height reaches higher than any other hotel, yet it uses sophisticated structural design to minimize sway. The 28-story complex comprises 202 deluxe suites broken down into Deluxe through Royal Suites, each overlooking the sea with large scale windows.

Each and every floor has a concierge desk, while over 1100 staff members cater to every need of every customer. The statistics are that there are over 5 staff members for every visitor. Diversity is also a big issue, as the staff boasts over 50 different nationalities. There are 7 upscale restaurants, each visitor to the health club gets a personal trainer, a complete spa with services, full business conference facilities and sports and fitness activities. Each room actually has a full business center with copiers and scanners to boot. Ever wanted to take submarine ride? There is a two- minute ride to one of the restaurants. From the ground up, the design of the business was to offer the extreme and in doing so, create the ultimate experience. If you're interested in experiencing these amenities, the price is $900-$7000 per night.

What 7 message does the Burj offer?

1. A firm can do the impossible, if there is a dream and a plan.
2. If you focus on the customer, the customer will pay the going rate.
3. All aspects of the business must be coordinated as one experience.
4. Diversity helps to insure continuity and secured service.
5. Painstaking detail is needed to create the package.
6. Know what your customer expects.
7. If you're going to do it....do it right!!!

David & Lorrie Goldsmith are founders of the Syracuse based MetaMatrix Consulting Group Inc. Their firm specializes in consulting and speaking services. They can be reached at 315-476-0510 888-777-8857 or emailed at dgoldsmith@davidgoldsmith.com

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