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A Thought or Two…
By Scott Stratten   Printer Friendly Version

People throughout time have been searching for the meaning of life.

It makes no sense to search for something that lives in us. Millions of dollars a year are spent on methods of trying to help people feel better about themselves and the world.

If you want to feel better, act better. Ranting and raving about how society is terrible and no one respects each other anymore, and then giving someone the finger when they annoy you doesn't make too much sense.

If you want to feel "nice", act that way. If you think being nice is a sign of weakness, you need to have your head checked.

Look at the people in your life and enrich their lives. Everyday, pick someone that you know (or even someone you don't)) and help them. It can be helping them by telling them they look good, or they make you feel good, or paying someone's bus fare when they are short. Life is too short not to. Don't just smile while you're reading this and say "Yeah, that would be a nice thing to do" and move on, do it! Right now, think of something you can do. Stop reading this and think. Now do it. If you have a partner in life, and you love them, tell them right now. Turn to them, call them, but make sure they know right now. Once you've done that, tell them every time you think it. Think your other looks good, tell them. Don't think positive things anymore, say them. It's not enough to think it, make someone know it. Think your Mom/Dad did a good job raising you? Call them and tell them. Right now. If you have kids of your own, and you think, "Wow, I remember when this happened to me, Mom was right" call Mom and tell her she was right. Call her right now. Or send a card to say thanks. Don't wait for that special occasion to send someone flowers or a note, do it now.

Maybe you don't have a mate and it makes you sad. Stop it. Be glad you have yourself, be glad you're alive and then make others feel good. No one wants to be with someone who is bitter at others. Then when you least expect it, you will find someone when you stop being selfish and stop "looking" for someone.

You have a choice, you can either look back at your life and say "I should have" or you can change now and then look back and say "I did". If you search life looking for a solution to society's problems, look in the mirror. You are both the problem and the solution. If you have hidden agenda's, bad attitudes, self-serving motives, please move as far away as possible from me, the world does not need more people like you. If you hate someone because of their race/sexual preference etc, please move even farther away from my family and me. People say society is doomed, and the world is too negative. It will be if you believe it.

Want people to stop cutting you off on the road? Stop cutting others off. Let a car in "your lane". Maybe you hate people who gun it at the sight of a yellow light. Here's a suggestion, next time you think of doing it, don't. The problem is that most people are the people they hate. A person who hates prejudices, but thinks that are athletes are dumb, is just as bad as the person that thinks someone is less superior than them because of their background. Think someone is less a person than you? You've just made yourself the one who is less.

Am I making sense? I don't know, I'm just another person in this world, you tell me.

I'm not going to tell you to "Pass this on to 5 people, or your luck will turn" or that this chain letter has been in circulation for 535 years, or it was read at a recent commencement so dance like no one is watching, I just hope you pass this on to anyone that you think could use this perspective, or who might have an opinion. Have advice for people who want to "better their lives", tell me.

It's your life, so work it.

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