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Marketing Beyond the Browser!
By Damian Bazadona   Printer Friendly Version

The struggles involved in marketing a web site over the Internet continue for many as the number of web pages continues to escalate. The odds of getting your web site to show up in search engines is quickly diminishing and banner and email advertising are proving to be not as cost-effective as originally planned. To market your site successfully today, you need to be creative. Think 'out side of the box'! Many businesses assume that successful on-line marketing must originate through a web browser. A web browser is just one method of distributing your URL. Depending on your type of business, the web browser may actually be the least-effective vehicle for reaching your target audience. Here are some alternatives that don't reside in a web browser.

Marketing Collateral (Print)
Every piece of marketing material printed should clearly display your web address. While to many this seems like a 'no-brainer', trust me when I say it is often disregarded. Your corporate brochures are an excellent marketing tool but do not provide the flexibility that the web has to offer. By listing your URL on the brochure, you can constantly make up-dates and revisions to your product offerings that are always available over the Internet. Besides, it costs you nothing to simply place your web address and it will only increase awareness of your web site.

Marketing Collateral (Interactive CD-ROMs)
The demand for CD-ROM's is quickly on the rise. Cyber-NY, (www.cyber-ny.com/bizcards.html) a Silicon Alley based interactive agency of which I am a partner, has introduced a 'business card-sized' CD-ROM that has gained mass attention from businesses of all sizes. This tool allows for a full color presentation of your products or services with audio and video enhancements that can be distributed on a CD-ROM the size of a business card. This product will make your business card stand out from the rest and will greatly improve your web presence by offering the user a direct link to your web site. Often times, we are able to integrate the CD-ROM presentation into your web site.

Advertising and PR
If you run television ads, radio spots or print campaigns or distribute press releases to the media, make sure your URL is mentioned. Depending on the message or campaign, you can create specific URLs (yourname.com/something) that coincide with the campaign's offerings. This allows you to cater a specific message to a specific offering. By not placing your web address you are simply not optimizing your advertising efforts.

Being involved in business development for an interactive agency, I have seen numerous companies fail to leverage their traditional marketing strength. They treat the Internet as a completely separate entity and fail to integrate the web into their overall marketing communications approach. For some, this is because they are not confident in what their web site has to offer while others are just unsure how the integration should take place. Whatever the reasoning may be, businesses not utilizing their web site as a marketing tool are probably missing out on golden opportunities.

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