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About Orvel Ray Wilson

Orvel Ray will inspire and motivate any audience, but more importantly, he will arm them with unconventional weapons and tactics to help them win in today's competitive environment.. From a forty-five minute keynote to a three-day boot camp with ropes, he will customize his presentation to fit your business, your schedule, and your budget.

In more than 20 years on the platform, Orvel Ray has worked in a wide range of industries, including: Travel, Hotel, Computer, Software, Electronics, Telecommunications, Real-Estate, Photography, Textiles, Manufacturing, Airline, Health Care, Retail, Technology, Military, Insurance.

A full-time speaker since 1980, his client list has grown to include many industry leaders like IBM, AT&T, United Airlines, Marriott Hotels, and Microsoft. He has been a featured speaker at the prestigious Inc. Small Business Forums, and has appeared as a topical expert on CNN. He taught in the Management Development Programs for the University of Colorado and the University of Denver, and created innovative business courses for Harbridge House, the University of Toledo, the Spring Institute for International Studies, and Australia’s Canberra College of Advanced Education. He even pioneered workshops on capitalism for the Tyumen School of Management in the Russian Republic.

A leader in the industry as well, Orvel Ray was elected President of the Colorado National Speakers Association in 1986, and served two addi­tional terms on their Board of Directors. Today he serves as Chair of the Writer’s and Publishers Professional Expert Group for NSA.

He has led more than a thousand large-audience seminars and on-site workshops including “Guerrilla Selling,” “Guerrilla Marketing,” “Guerrilla Trade Show Selling,” "Guerrilla TeleSelling," “Guerrilla Negotiating,” “Customer Service Excellence,” and“ Guerrilla Presentations”.

He is a Partner in The Guerrilla Group, Inc., an international training and consulting firm serving clients worldwide.

A best-selling Author: , including Guerrilla Selling, Guerrilla Trade Show Selling, Guerrilla TeleSelling, and Guerrilla Negotiating, and numerous audio and video programs distributed worldwide.

To book Orvel Ray for your next event:

1002 Walnut Street, Suite 101
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 800-247-9145 • 303-938-8469
Fax: 303-938-8476
Web Site: www.guerrillagroup.com/orvelray.htm
E-Mail: OrvelRay@GuerrillaGroup.com