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The Power of a Vision ... A Leader's Journey

About Barbara Mintzer

Barbara tells it like it is! She brings knowledge, enthusiasm, and practical strategies to every program. More than 80,000 business and health care professionals across the United States, Canada, England, Australia and Brazil have heard her inspiring message. Audiences of very diverse industries have benefited from her commitment to customize her programs to address the specific opportunities and challenges facing their groups.
In 1997 Sharing Ideas Newsmagazine acknowledged Barbara as a “Consummate Speaker of the Year.”

She often delivers the keynote talk, a breakout session, and facilitates a roundtable or moderates a question-and-answer session at the same meeting…a very good investment for your meeting budget. She comes early and stays late, and is an integral part of your meeting. She is easy to work with, flexible, and a true professional.

A dynamic stage presence, Barbara captures the attention of her audience IMMEDIATELY and never lets go. She combines hard facts and specific strategies with a rich blend of humor and personal insights to create a powerful message.

Barbara is a co-author of the newly released book EXCEPTIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT, James & Brookfield, Publishers.

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