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About Don L. Price

Don L. Price is a respected authority in the field of marketing and sales, and author of Secrets of Personal Marketing Power, Impetus Principle and 14 Best Ways to Optimize Your Span of Influence.

Don delivers no-nonsense, proven, innovative, marketing, sales and accelerated human change strategies for achieving greater results in life and business.

As an international speaker, author, and business development strategist, Don inspires, motivates and energizes individuals to peak performance. His programs focus on solutions to specific challenges and concerns facing business audiences today.

The Outcome and Results: Professionals in all industries will benefit from the dynamics of Don's audience involvement, detailed customizing and high-content take away value. You will walk away with action steps that create higher levels of sales, motivation, and customer loyalty that fuel your business.... with bigger profits.

Don can be reach at: 800-449-1539
E-mail: donprice@donpricepersmarketing.com
Web Site: www.donpricepersmarketing.com