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About Marcia Zidle

Marcia Zidle specializes in organization leadership and workforce development for the new economy. For the past 20 years she has worked with operations managers, technical professionals, and front line workers in the following industries: finance services, health-care, high-tech, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, education, non-profits and municipal government.

Clients request her presentations, her online collaboration tools, and her consulting experience to bring "proven" ideas to their people, to facilitate learning and teamwork, and to improve workforce performance. As one manager said:

"Since my first job with the Air Force in the 1970's, I have yet to hear a better encapsulation of the tactics and road maps that people need to follow in managing their careers and to contribute to the organization.... especially in the dynamic and fluid cross current situation that we find ourselves in today."

Marcia has a Master of Science Degree in Organization Development from University of Southern California. She is a National Certified Counselor and the author of "Career Savvy: Life Preservers for Today's Rough Seas and Tomorrow's Raging Waters". She also has an extensive background in sociological research including employee surveys and focus groups.

She writes monthly newspaper columns on workplace issues for Technical and Professional Careers, syndicated throughout the Southwestern United States. She has been published in National Management Association's "Manage"; "Meeting Professional International"; and "Workforce Diversity". She is also a past-president of National Speakers Association-North Texas.

Marcia's "claim to fame" is that she and her family were expatriates in Scandinavia and Australia, and have traveled in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Middle East, Far East, and South Pacific.

Marcia Zidle, of Retention HooksTM, provides organizations with strategic workforce solutions to select the right people at the right time and retain them to do the right things for the right reasons. Contact her at marcia@retentionhooks.com.

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