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About David Goldsmith

For two decades, David A. Goldsmith has been a consultant, author and management consultant, offering services that include: change management, corporate and personal goal setting, strategic planning, using technology and communication, leadership, marketing and customer service. He has been delivering educational messages to various organizations and business such as the American Management Association, Citizen's Foundation, Syracuse University, the Wharton School of
Business, National Federation of Independent
Businesses, International Management Council,
Professional Purchasing Association and Blue
Cross Blue Shield.

David A. Goldsmith is co-founder of the Goldsmith Organization LLC and MetaMatrix Consulting Group Inc. Over the past 20 years he has founded or co-founded eight businesses ranging from distribution to manufacturing to advertising. David in 1999 also sold his Syracuse, NY based Image Promoters, Inc. which he founded in 1986 to Proforma Associates a 400 location franchises after 14 years in business. He has been a consultant to industries as diverse as manufacturing, tourism, technology, healthcare, while focusing most successes when dealing with executive and mid-level management.

David has been awarded the prestigious honor of The Citizens Foundation Central New York Entrepreneur of the Year and his accomplishments have appeared in written media around the world, including the Japanese version of Entrepreneur Magazine, and newspaper articles including the Financial Times of London. He can be reached at (888) 777-8857, www.metamatrixconsulting.com or by email at dgoldsmith@davidgoldsmith.com