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About Dave Kahle

The Growth Coach
Dave Kahle is a consultant and speaker who helps his clients grow their sales and their people. Specializing in business-to-business selling situations. Dave creates effective sales systems and helps experienced sales people take their performance up a level.

He's acquired his message through real life experience. Dave has been the number one
salesperson in the country for two different
companies in two distinct industries.

As a general manager or a startup company, Dave directed that company's growth from $10,00 in monthly sales to over $200,000 in just 38 months.

Dave is a high-energy, high-content speaker whose keynotes and workshops stimulate people to grow by challenging them to think differently. He brings real-life experience with him, having been the number one salesperson in the country for two different companies in two distinct industries. He's published three books, 300 articles, numerous multi-media programs, and has spoken 36 sates and six countries.

His latest book, The Six Hat Salesperson, A New Paradigm for Sales Success in the Information Age, was released by AMACOM in July of 99. In addition, Dave serves on the editorial advisory panel of two newsletters: The Competitive Edge, and The Distributor's & Wholesaler's Advisor.

He holds a B.A. degree from the University of Toledo, and a Master's from Bowling Green State University.

He and his wife live in Grand Rapids, MI, where he is a father, a step-father, an adoptive father, a foster father, and a grandfather.

Dave is a member of the National Speaker's Association, the Author's Guild, the Christian Businessmen's Committee, and the institute of Management Consultants.