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Switched-on Selling: Balancing Your Selling Brain - Activate both sides of your brain for more sales success.

About Jerry Teplitz

Dr. Jerry V. Teplitz has given over 1,500 presentations to more than 1 million people over the last 26 years including many Fortune 500 Companies. He has taught people how to have greater business and personal success by showing them how to tap into the power of their own personal energy system. This results in a work force being more positive, effective, focused, energized and more productive. He is an author of four books and has been interviewed on over 200 radio stations. He speaks and consults in the areas of Stress Management, Management and Leadership Training, Sales Development and Brain Integration.

Dr. Teplitz' dynamic, educational and entertaining keynotes and seminars have a long-term impact on performance enhancement and productivity. For more detailed information on Dr. Teplitz' programs, to read a free monthly article, or to find the monthly Teplitz Email Reports go to www.Teplitz.com.

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