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About Larry Tracy

Larry Tracy was described by then-President Ronald Reagan as "an extraordinarily effective speaker" as a result of his speaking/debating
skills in front of some of the toughest audiences in the country. He has converted this real world experience into highly-acclaimed workshops, and is now one one of the country’s foremost authorities in the field of presentation skills training. Tracy Presentation Skills was one of only ten "speech coaching" firms selected for listing in the prestigious Information Please Business Almanac and Source Book for four consecutive years. His S3P3 system of making presentations is used worldwide by U.S. diplomats he has trained, and is ideally suited for business and technical people required to make presentations. His website - http://www.tracy-presentation.com -- ranks in the number one position in the Yahoo, Dowjones, Excite and HotBot search engines in the category "Presentation skills training for executives."

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