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About Eli Bay

Eli Bay is the CEO of the Relaxation Response Institute which he founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1978.

He is an internationally recognized pioneer in offering business people a practical set of breathing, muscle relaxation and mind focusing skills proven to measurably counteract the body's automatic stress reactions.

Through Speeches, Training Workshops of various lengths, and Audiovisiual Resources, Eli is a master at empowering others with the rare ability to effectively unwind and measurably release excess stress from the body, mind and emotions.

Eli has successfully transferred these skills for self-regulation in many blue chip firms like IBM, Aetna Life and Motorola; in hospitals, universities, unions and associations all over the world; to people of all ages and backgrounds!

Well Being and Beyond Stress are award winning public television series built around Eli's approach. His work has been recommended in several books including Superlearning 2000, Super Memory, Healthier Workers, and Stress for Success. His unusually relaxing voice and laid back demeanor have made his instructional relaxation audio and video tapes international best sellers.

Phone: 416-932-2784
Fax: 416-932-2971
Email: elibay@idirect.com
Website: http://www.adeo.com/relax